Ways to Tell People to Pull Their Mask Up

First of all, I want to applaud everyone for how awesome we’re doing at enforcing the mask policy, which shows so much respect for everyone’s health and safety. I know we’re not all assertive by nature, so for some of us it’s really tiring. I thought if we all share our assertive, direct, yet polite ways to inform people that, yes, they really do have to keep their mask up over their nose, it might help us out, and maybe even be good for a laugh or two. I’ll start the list, you get to add your strategies in the comments:

  • Do you need me to get you a better mask, since that one keeps falling down off your nose?
  • I think you forgot to pull your mask back up after you took a drink.
  • You’re welcome to take your phone call outside if you need to take your mask off to do it.

    And of course, the ol’ standby: 

  • Please pull your mask up.

13 thoughts on “Ways to Tell People to Pull Their Mask Up

  1. Angie Reed on said:

    I also like to act like it they might be unaware of or embarrassed by and say something like: “Uh-Oh! It looks like your mask slipped down under your nose!” And then stare at them until they pull it up.

    • Natalie Moreland on said:

      Kelli, thank you for the reminder about that training! I intended to watch it but hadn’t found the time before- Now that I’ve watched it, I want to affirm that it’s worth the time to do it!

  2. Kimberly Sain on said:

    Once again as is typical of the Team Rooms shift, I had to tell two people in separate Team Rooms to put their mask ON. One was dangling from an ear and the other had it completely off and on the desk. Both complied. I don’t know why people often behave this way in the Team Rooms. Maybe they think they’re social distancing and it doesn’t matter?

    • Kimberly Sain on said:

      Two more reminders (below the nose corrections) during this one-hour Team Rooms shift, so that’s 5 corrections (5 different individuals) inside the rooms. I’ve started “reminding” people BEFORE scheduling them for a Team Room that the library policy is to wear their mask inside the room and above the nose as in all areas of the library.

      • Debbie Stanton on said:

        I really like this idea to remind them about the expectation as they’re being booked into the room. That way if they happen to miss the sign that is staring up at them from the table, at least they’ve heard it for sure from a staff person.

        • Kimberly Sain on said:

          The sign in each Team Room says to please wear a mask but it doesn’t say above the nose, however that is noted in small print on the pedestal signs AND on our website now AND is part of the hourly announcement. We all know about current research and read info on CDC and WHO websites about how the virus spreads and how humans breathe. It’s just disappointing to me that so many people aren’t aware and/or don’t care. I’ll continue issuing “reminders” as people sign up for a Team Room.

          • Natalie Moreland on said:

            I had to remind a couple customers today as well. I’m using TJ’s great idea to put a dot on the room/table where you’ve issued a mask reminder. That way other staff know if the customer’s been repeatedly reminded and if it’s time for the customer to leave because they won’t keep their mask on correctly.

  3. David Gonzalez on said:

    I call them out on it and then just stare at them in a stern-like manner until they do. I sometimes feel mean but they know the rules. It’s not just about them but the library community as a whole.

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