Identity Quest is almost here!

By now you probably have seen our Identity Quest (IDQ) ads in the Library News and info on the make & take activities on a previous post from Luanne. We are just a few days away from the actual event on Saturday! Here’s what you need to know: information on the presenters in listed on the schedule with all the events for the entire day. We will begin with our Keynote and then each session has 4 speakers and there are 4 sessions, with Identity Reveals in between.

If you haven’t already chosen one of the classes from the schedule on our webpage to locate the Zoom session of your choice. To follow along we will provide a syllabus with info from the speakers to help everyone get started on their own IDQ. You will find it on the IDQ homepage. Click it to download and print the pdf file.

Each session is being recorded so you won’t miss a thing!  Those links will be added sometime within the next week. During the sessions you will have a chance to ask the experts via Zoom in the brief Q&A that follows each presentation. If you have specific questions, please find information on how to get help in your syllabus or check us out at the Library!

Identity reveals

We have a great team of researchers who helped us trace the identity of 4 guests. Each were selected randomly but are pillars from the Kansas community past and present. We want you to see what happens once you start the process of seeking your identity. You’ll find we have a lot in common and also we each are unique. We hope to inspire our community to use the tools and databases available at the library to find their identity!

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