Public Group Work Spaces

We have had several staff ask for some adjustments to how we work with our group study/work spaces.

Debbie, Autumn, LeAnn, Thad and I met to  look for ways to improve the usage.  This is what we have developed.

We are moving some tables and chairs for group work purpose as well as making some adjustments to our Team Rooms.

While we will keep Team Room 4 & 5 for remote learners from 9:00-3:00 Monday-Friday, after 3:00 those rooms will be available for general group use.  We are putting the keyboards and mice back into the rooms.  Staff working in the Team Room area after 3:00 can reactivate the computers on SAM and can assign customers into those rooms for a  two hour duration like the other Team Rooms.

Additionally, it is still okay to sign remote learners into the two Make It Lab spaces using the sign in sheet in the Team Room area.   Those rooms do not have computers.

Adults who need a group space can also use a meeting room on the 2nd Floor if available.   We can book those spaces on the same day.  Autumn is sending out a review of how to view and book meeting rooms using Communico.  A critical step if you do book those spaces for a same day use is to let Facilities know because they will need to go in and clean the room after the customers are done with the room.

The priority room booking should be:

  • Team Rooms
  • Make It Lab 1 & 2
  • Meeting Rooms (for adults)

There are additional study tables in the Learning Center, David J’s, YS Computer area, and the Story Zone for children to use if they need a group space.  We will have additional signage at tables to let everyone know our safety precautions and the maximum number of people at each table.

Thanks for everyone’s help on figuring out what is working and not working.  We relied on several of the concerns that staff shared when we made these changes.

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