Election and voting questions

We are seeing more questions about elections/voting this month.

Gentle reminder: As employees, we provide great customer service and answer reference questions with accurate resources and encourage customers to register to vote, and to vote. We don’t talk about our opinions on issues or candidates.

Here are some resources to review:

Everything you need to know to answer reference questions form the public should be here: https://tscpl.org/research/election-and-voting-information

(And if it isn’t let me know and we will try to add it)
If a customer has a question that you can’t easily point to the answer from these resource, refer them to the Election Office please.

If a customer has a question that isn’t for the Election Office, email me as much info as you can about the question and the customer contact info and I will follow up with them.

Here’s a visual of how to get to this page from the main website.

tscpl.org –> Research It! –> Topics/Election

Of particular note on this page:

See the Shawnee County Elections Office’s 2020 Voting Options to view information regarding deadlines, dates and times for upcoming elections.

Resources for Information about Candidates & Issues

This section is as up to date as I have found new resources published so far this election season. When the Capital Journal releases their candidate guide, I’ll link it here. If you see something relevant to candidate information for Shawnee County voters that isn’t here, send it to me to consider/include.

The earliest anyone in Shawnee County could be completing their ballot is after October 14, which is the first day that ballots will be mailed from the election office to people who submitted an application for Advance Ballot by Mail.

Hope this helps!


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