Gallery Desk and Cleaning Duties: “Story Worlds”

Gear up for adventures in the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery’s 2020 Summer Art Exhibit for Children – Story Worlds!

Online (now) or in the building (starting Wed, Aug 19), visit a world under the ocean, try our hand at dragon fighting, brave a mountain full of lava and even get sucked into a blackhole! On your quests you’ll learn new art skills, stretch your funny bones with silliness, and discover we’re all awesome storytellers.

Have fun sharing and getting lost in stories. Together we’ll act, draw and play – you create the stories. Visit Story Worlds for quests and activities. Each World webpage and the in-person exhibit showcases art from the library’s collection that’s inspired by each world – Ocean, Castle, Mountain and City.

Staff Responsibilities  

Map of the various cleaning locations in the Gallery
  • Clean equipment and activities 
    in-between users; wipe down 
    high-touch surfaces with disinfectant and paper towel.  For electronic equipment, alcohol spray should be used.  (map of cleaning spaces can be found on the Gallery desk)
    • 50/50 alcohol sprays and square towels are on the Gallery desk by the computer
    • Lemon zip and paper towels are also in the Reed Studio
  • Manage social distancing in the room 
  • Manage appropriate mask-wearing in the room 
  • Track number of customers in the room
    • 22 patrons in the whole gallery at one time
      • 4 patrons in the Reed Studio at one time 
  • Answer customer questions 
  • Assist customers with crafts in the Reed Studio 
    • Extra craft supplies are on the high table in the Reed Studio. All the supplies in the bags can be taken home if patrons do not want to do the activity in the room
    • Extra activity books are in the workroom on the counter top to the left of the door
  • All Digital equipment should not be turned off at night. They are on a timer that turns them on at 8:30 am and off at 9 pm.
    • If they get turned off, please let DS know so they can reset the timers.
    • If the mondo pad behind the desk goes to sleep, you can wake it up using the “library” password.

Service Notes  

  • Opening and Closing the Gallery: The badge reading out side the workroom (further down the Edge hallway) will allow you access to the Gallery from the workroom. All lights will turn one automatically when the library opens (no more flipping breakers!). Once you are in the workroom, work your way to the front doors when its time to open the gallery. To leave the Gallery at night, make sure all door are locked behind you are you leave. The lights will turn off then the rest of the library lights do. Do not turn the technology off at night. They are on a timer that is set to turn on at 8:30 am and turn off at 9 pm.
  • Number of visitors: There can be 22 visitors in the Gallery at one time. Of those 22 visitors, there can be a max of 4 people in the Reed Studio. Staff should be tracking the number in and out, and if the limit is reached, we’ll let the next customers know they’ll have to wait to enter the Gallery. We can encourage them to browse the shelves and try back in a few minutes. 
  • Cleaning: All activity surfaces should be wiped clean and disinfected after each use. All art cases and high-touch surfaces should be wiped down at least once per hour. 
  • Hand sanitizer: Hand sanitizer stations can be found at the front of the gallery near the desk and at the entrance of the Reed Studio. Customers should be encouraged to use hand sanitizer when entering the space, especially if they plan to participate in any of the activities. Size small and medium gloves will be available at the desk if parents would prefer their children use gloves when touching the activities. 
  • Activities: Activities within the exhibit include four plexiglass covered dry-erase marker activities. Dry erase markers and plexiglass should be cleaned after each use. Additionally, there are three smart TVs that will be used for various immersive technology displays. Monitors and tablets should be wiped down after each use. No more than one person should be using a device at a time, unless it is an adult with a child that came in together. Groups of children without an adult will not be able to gather at the activities, even if the children came into the Gallery together. 
  • Reed Studio: Activities within the Reed Studio will include both paper and tape crafts. The crafts will be separately bagged into “kits” that can either be completed inside the Reed Studio (if there is room) or taken home with the participants. All supplies used in the Studio should be put into a “dirty” bin if they cannot be sanitized immediately. Note: There will be a special group of kits set aside that will include scissors and a glue stick if a family indicates they don’t have supplies at home to complete the kit and they’re unable to complete it in the Studio. 

Talking Points  

Q – Can I touch the art? 
“You won’t be able to touch the art, but you can touch the activities. We’ll make sure to clean them after you’re done.” 

Q – Why do I have to wear a mask?  
“This requirement is based on the Shawnee County Order regarding the use of face masks or face coverings in Shawnee County in response to COVID-19 and is there for your safety as well as the safety of others.” (Resolution 2020-44)  

Q – I’m not going to wear a mask and you can’t make me!  
“This a safety requirement for everyone who enters the library.  We have masks available if you need one.  If you choose not to wear a mask, then you must leave the library.”  

Q – This virus is a hoax, and all of this is ridiculous.   
“We are following the advice of our local experts and the guidelines set out by the Shawnee County Health Department.”    

Q – When will the library be back to normal?  
“We plan to re-open the building in phases based on recommendations from the Shawnee County Health Department.  We hope to have the rest of the building open in the near future.” (provide tentative date if one has been decided for the next phase and offer to show plan).  

4 thoughts on “Gallery Desk and Cleaning Duties: “Story Worlds”

  1. Jim Mosher on said:

    Do the cases and ‘high touch areas’ need to be cleaned even when there has been no one in?

  2. Zan Popp on said:

    Yes, please clean at least once an hour. I have just updated the cleaning produces to only using 50/50 in the Gallery and only Lemon Zip in the Reed Studio. We were noticing some slight fogging happening to the Plexiglas cases.
    I have updated the gallery cleaning map as well.

  3. Sherry Best on said:

    As yet, there is no video in the Reed Studio, but there are step-by-step instructions for the paper fish in each packet.