Personal Browsing Just For You service

Beginning on Tuesday, May 26, 2020, we will start a new service to help customers get books or other library items when they are not requesting specific titles. This service is available during library business hours which currently are 9-6 Monday-Saturday and 12-6 Sunday.
How it will work
Customers can call, email or text and request we pull a selection of items. Staff at the Call Center will use a Picklist form and ask a series of questions to determine what types of items are needed, any specific genres or favorite authors, format, number of items, who is requesting items (including the library barcode), who is picking up items. etc.
Staff assigned to Personal Browsing service will come to Call Center every hour and take the picklist and locate the items. Selected items will be checked out to the customer who requested the items and will be delivered to the Curbside Pick Up shelves within three hours of request.
Customers will use one of the Curbside Pickup parking spaces call the number on the parking space sign and staff will deliver items to customers.

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