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KitKeeper is officially live! Thank you to everyone who attended a training last week to learn how to help our customers navigate this new, user-friendly reservation system.

If you missed the opportunity to train and would like a one-on-one review, please check with your supervisor, then contact

The full guide used in staff training is linked below, along with a detailed guide for customers who might be interested. Most of our BGIB users have been using an online system for a long time now, and we think their transition will be easy, but it’s available, just in case!

Detailed guide for staff

Detailed guide for customers

See below for a reminder of Book Group in a Bag policies. The reservation system has changed, but the rules have remained the same!

We’ll continue to gather feedback and tweak this guide as needed, so please feel free to share your questions and experiences in the comments.

Book Group in a Bag Guidelines

• Reservations are for six weeks and can be made up to a year in advance.

• Pick up bags in the media center. Staff please direct customers to any associate in the media center for assistance with pick-up.

• Bags may be returned to the front customer service desk or media center. Staff must verify that all 10 copies of the book and the discussion guide are in the bag before checking in with Polaris. A return slip at the desk prompts staff to check the bag, and to check in if the kit is complete, or simply circle “no” without checking the item in, if not complete. Kits are processed by Jennifer Jones after their return. Public Services staff can deliver the kit to Jennifer’s desk, while circulation staff place the kits on a shelf for Jennifer to pick up from the circulation workroom. There is a shelf for kits returned complete, and another for kits that are missing parts.

• Kits may not be renewed. Users will be charged $1 per day if returned late or incomplete, up to a maximum fee of $9.99.

• Although KitKeeper is designed to be self-service for our customers, staff can help customers place reservations over the telephone or in person, just as we do for Interlibrary Loan. The customer will need to use their library barcode and PIN, and staff will go through the KitKeeper interface as if they were the customer, using the library card and pin.

• All staff will be able to help customers check to see what kits are reserved, delete reservations, see what kits the group has had in the past, and other functions performed through the KitKeeper interface, by logging in with the customer card number and pin. If the login is unsuccessful, follow troubleshooting and policies regarding pin retrieval and reset.

You can reach the Book Group in a Bag team by email at

Team Members
Chris Blocker
Deb Ellerbrook
Miranda Ericsson
Jennifer Jones
Alex Henault
Matt Pettit
Susan Schafer
Rachael Schmidtlein
Hayley Swisher
Elizabeth Tschetter

4 thoughts on “KitKeeper Guides

    • Miranda Ericsson on said:

      Yes!! The plan is to use this system for other kits once we’re up and running smoothly. Rachael has mentioned Reading Chests as a possibility! 🙂

  1. Cole Clay on said:

    What would you like us to do in Bookmobile when things get returned to us? This process sounds different from the last instructions we were given. Times they are a’changin’!

    • Deborah Ellerbrook on said:

      The process should be pretty much the same. We’d like all kits to be returned to main but if they bring a kit or a book to you and that’s the only way it’s going to get back to us we’d certainly like you to take the return for us.
      Kits are not checked in unless ALL the books and notebook are included.
      If a book is missing, get any information you can on the situation and include that with the kit. Our team will follow up with them.
      Kits and individual book group in a bag books should be routed to the Book Group in a Bag Team (generally Jennifer Jones or Susan Schaefer handle returns).
      If need be, a group may have to pay for a missing copy of a book. There is a $15 replacement charge for each book (this is stated on their receipt). If someone does pay to replace a book from a kit please let our team know! is the best way to get ahold of our team.