TSCPL @ School Service Guidelines

TSCPL @ School is a new service we offer to students attending our partnering schools (listed here). When working with these accounts, please remember they are different than individual library accounts so think of these accounts as being tied to the service instead of the individual. Eligibility for TSCPL @ School accounts is based on the school they attend and parental permission at enrollment.
As you know, there is the potential for some students to have more than one account in LEAP/Polaris with this service and that is okay. LEAP/Polaris clearly shows which accounts are tied to the TSCPL @ School service and which are issued regular library accounts. When you search for a patron name using the find tool and see duplicate results, TSCPL @ School accounts will have a different barcode format and show assigned library as their school district (ex. TSCPL at School USD 437).
Kids who have regular individual library accounts in Polaris have met our residency requirements. Eligibility and use of their physical library card is governed by our circulation policy. TSCPL @ School accounts will follow the service guidelines listed below.
TSCPL @ School Service Guidelines
1.  Library staff cannot create TSCPL @ School accounts. All accounts are created from the enrollment information schools provide since parents can opt out their children for this service. Polaris barcodes for these accounts should never be edited by staff.
2.  Students can have both a TSCPL @ School account and a regular library card. Any student that didn’t get a digital account can still apply for a regular library card. The procedure for children obtaining a physical library card is governed by our Circulation guidelines.
3.  TSCPL @ School account barcodes are a combination of the student’s school district number (ex. 501) plus their student ID number (ex. 1234567). If a student doesn’t know their ID number, they need to prove identity by answering questions about their account like address, birth date and guardian information before sharing that information with that student.
4.  We assign PINs to TSCPL @ School accounts. PINs are the estimated graduation year of the student. If a student wants to reset their PIN, they need to prove identity. Students can provide a school ID or can provide information about their account like their student ID number, address, birth date, and guardian information.
5.  If they have an account and can’t supply proper information, direct the students to check with their school librarian or teacher. If a student declares the information on their TSCPL @ School account is wrong, staff should email the account information to schoolhelp@tscpl.org. That team will work with school contacts to review account accuracy. 
6.  All TSCPL @ School accounts have a check out limit of 5 physical titles. Students with 5 items out will not be able to check out more until they return some of the titles on their account. If the returned items are on lost status, we will check it in regardless of the due date. 
7.  Physical items checked out on a TSCPL @ School account will automatically renew if the items are not on hold and have renewals left.
8.  The library will waive overdue fines, damaged fees and replacement charges on TSCPL @ School accounts on an annual basis. During this period, lost items count towards the limit of 5 items.
9.  TSCPL @ School accounts grant students daily access to three hours of computer use. We understand that this will lead to some students potentially accessing 6 hours of computer use if they use their individual library account too. That is okay.

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