Update: Yellow Pages Available for Distribution

Hi all,

An update on this — magically, the number of copies of the Yellow Pages appeared today, so we will have 200 for public distribution!


Original Message – from an All Staff email from TJ Troughton:

I have some disappointing news about the ATT Yellow Pages.  We won’t be receiving any copies for Public Distribution. This year, we were only approved for 20 copies.  I’ve appealed that decision and it appears to be final.  I think that the 20 copies we’ll receive around Nov. 1st will be going to Tech Services to add to our collection.  In the past, we have referred customers to the Chamber of Commerce when we ran out.  I’ve called them and found out that they won’t have any available this year either.  If anyone asks, we can give them the number to request a copy for themselves.  That number is:  877-243-8339  I’ve spoken to Deb Ellerbrook and we will put fliers which provide ordering information on the bulletin board and over by the telephone books in the West Wing.

T.J. Troughton
Public Services Specialist
(785) 580-4551

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