Back to School – Roaming

As kids are going back to school, we thought it was the perfect time to send out some reminders as well as scenarios/scripts for handling some of the more regular conflicts that can come up. This is the fifth and final (for now!) post in a series of “Back to School” tips.


General Behavior/Roaming

Scenario 1: A group of 6-7 teens are roaming through the building loudly discussing a fight that happened at school. Their language is vivid, and riddled with disparaging comments. Occasionally they shout out across the room to someone who is several feet ahead.

Potential Response: I need to talk with you all for a moment. You can’t walk through the building talking this loudly. Not everyone wants to hear about your day at school, especially with some of the language you’re choosing. If you want to talk about this, you’ll need to use conversational voices, like the one I’m using with you now. You also need to find a place to be. I suggest either the tables in David J’s, or the couches in the Edge. If you continue to roam through the building and to be loud then you’ll be asked to leave. There won’t be another warning.

Scenario 2: Two eight year old friends are giving each other knuckle noogies, shoving each other around, and intermittently cussing up a storm.

Potential Response: You may not know this, but roughhousing and cussing are not allowed at the library. I’m afraid that I’m going to have to ask you to leave today as a consequence. You’re welcome to come back tomorrow as long as you lose the language and keep your hands to yourself.


The clearer our expectations and messaging are at the beginning of the school year, the easier the school year will be for all customers and staff. Thanks for your help in making sure kids feel safe and welcome in the library!


We’re here to help if you have any questions and to support you in your work!

Your Public Services Team – Marie, LeAnn, Autumn and Debbie

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