The Bookmark – A NEW Podcast

Earlier this summer, The HUSH podcast ended after an impressive 140 episodes.  Both Thad and Lissa’s positions have shifted and changed over the years, and it was time for them to move on to new endeavors.

It was decided to revamp, rename, and re-image the podcast rather than attempt to recreate Thad and Lissa’s vibe with a new cast.

I would like to present the *new* podcast – The Bookmark.  Each week, Chris Blocker, Miranda Ericsson, and I (Autumn Friedli) along with a slew of other library staff will talk about all the books you should be reading.  These new episodes will be about 30 minutes in length – just perfect for a lunchtime listen!

You can expect the first episode (we are calling it a teaser episode) on August 19th.  You can expect regular episodes to start in September.  Don’t worry, all the HUSH episodes will still be out there for your listening pleasure!

Interested in being on an episode? Email:!




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