Across the Universe Opening, Cover and Closing tasks

Across the Universe

Exhibit Dates: May 28 – August 18.

(After this exhibit, the Gallery closes for Renovation. Resistance is futile.)

“Take a step into deep space this summer and discover interactive opportunities with the planets, stars and beyond. NASA images set the stage for our intergalactic experience.

Uncover the history of the universe and how we continue to discover new things in it. Explore our star field, look for constellations and even take a selfie in space!” The 18th annual summer exhibit for children is sponsored by the Sabatini Family Foundation.”

Kids can Climb in the boat, Play with the Rovers, Make a cardboard Rover to take with them, Make a toothpick and clay constellation to take with them, Play with the hula hoops and pie pan for rotation and revolution. You can play, too, of course! Have fun. May the Force be with you.

The plastic Rover toy works by pushing the wheels against the floor in the direction you want it to go. Then let it go. (We have extras in the gallery workroom, on the table near the tool corner.)

The plastic Moon Lander toy closes by pushing on the front bumper. (We have an extra.) In space, no one can hear you scream.

Opening and Closing Daily Tasks


  • Ask Security or Maintenance to let you in to the Gallery.
  • The key to the workroom (and the gallery door) is in the filing cabinet top drawer at the gallery service desk.
  • Turn on all the lights from the “Gallery Lights” breaker box in the Gallery Workroom.
  • Turn on the video projector with the Video Projector remote, in the top drawer of the filing cabinet. (If any piece of equipment says “I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that,” call Digital Services.)
  • Straighten chairs if needed.
  • Turn on the iPad near the Jewel Box. (If this is not working, a key is clipped to the side of the drawer, next to the gallery desk. Turn the iPad case horizontally before you open it, or all the stuff falls out.)
  • Turn on the Star projector on the white pedestal inside the Jewel Box. The switch is on the back, near the bottom right. (This runs for 3 hours, then will turn itself off automatically to cool down. Turn it on again after 10 – 15 minutes.)
  • Check the activity area for cardboard for the take-home Rovers (there should be 6” squares, 5” squares, and 3” squares of cardboard. You can cut more cardboard using the mat cutter in the gallery workroom if needed.)
  • Check the Constellation activity area. Clay, sticks and black paper are in the gallery workroom on the table to your left.
  • Make sure the activity areas and rover obstacle course are straightened and clean.

At the beginning of your shift:

  • Check the projector to make sure it is showing slides of the universe. Straighten chairs if needed.
  • Check the star projector in the Jewel Box – it will need to be turned on again after 3 hours, once it has cooled for 10 – 15 minutes. I can’t change the laws of physics, Captain.
  • Make sure the Selfie station is working.
  • If any piece of equipment says “I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that,” call Digital Services.
  • Check the activity areas for supplies and straighten the area if needed.
  • Phone home.


  • Turn off the iPad.
  • Turn off the star projector in the Jewel Box (switch is on the back, near the bottom).
  • Turn off the video projector with the remote (the laptop is on a timer).
  • Turn off the desk lamp by unplugging it.
  • Turn off the gallery lights by switching all of the Gallery Lights breakers to Off. The key to the gallery workroom (and Gallery door) is in the filing cabinet top drawer, at the gallery service desk.
  • Turn off the gallery workroom lights.
  • Make sure the door latches and is locked behind you. Thank you for making a simple door very happy.

One thought on “Across the Universe Opening, Cover and Closing tasks

  1. Zan Popp on said:

    *Make your own Rover station Update*
    Since this activity had proved so difficult for kiddos and adults alike, we have changed it up!
    We are now asking our visitors to create their own spacecraft using card-stock, tape, and crayons. The overstock of supply material can be found in the same space in the workroom as the original Rover supplies!