VITA change of venue- week of April 8th

As Thad mentioned last week, we will be using Marvin 101A as a pass thru for customers because of the tiling happening in front of the corridor next week.
It is also the last week that VITA will be helping customers with their taxes so we needed to find a new space for that service.
In order to make this happen, we have booked the Team Rooms in the old Reference area.

The schedule remains the same.

  • VITA staff will still do sign up at the volunteer desk as usual.
  • Customers who are waiting for the tax preparation are welcome to wait at the tables in the Reference room.
  • A VITA volunteer will be at one table during tax preparing time to sign people in and direct them to the preparers.
  • Tuesday night- Team room 1,2,3,7 will be used for VITA
  • Thursday all day- Team room 1,2,7,8 will be used for VITA

All other rooms are available and bookable.

Thank you for continuing to be so flexible with all these changes.  If you have any questions or concerns please let me or Thad know.


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