Mix It Up Gallery Desk Tasks

Mix It Up!
MAR 22 – MAY 12
Mixed media is an adventure, a true test of imagination and skill as artists combine sometimes drastically different media to create art and meaning. To take mixed media art to its heights, you have to be a bit of an adventurer — a tinkerer — a risk taker.

****There are 4 pieces on loan from the Spencer that are not to be photographed! There are “do not photograph” signs, but we need you to away as well! ******* 

Opening tasks

  • Turn on the lights
    • Go into the Gallery workroom and flip all the breakers to “on”
  • Check on the supplies for the Jewel Box as well as “The Studio”
  • Check for trash from the previous night
  • Check that the front doors are re-locked after you open the Gallery

During your shift

  • Greet each visitor as if they are a dear friend visiting your home- this is a very important part of the Gallery experience 
    • Feel free to accompany them through the exhibit to promote discussion and engage in questions
      • If you would like, one of the Gallery staff would be happy to walk you through the exhibit before your shift if you have not had a chance to attend the all staff tours
  • You need to be up and walking thought this exhibit. There are many pieces that people might try and touch – I want to touch them!!
    • This is very important part of the Gallery desk shift for this exhibit
  • Walk through the gallery during the start of your shift
    • To clean finger smudges off the cases
      • You will find the plexi-glass cleaner next to the sink in the workroom
      • You will find a stack of white towels on top of the paper towel dispenser
      • Using the cleaner and the towels you can spot clean the cases (spray the cleaner onto the towel not the case please!)
    • To dust the cases
      • You will find the duster in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet next to the desk
      • Lightly dust the tops of the cases
    • Check the supplies on the worktable in the The Studio
      • More supplies can be found on the brown 2 level cart
    • Check the art to make sure they have not been touched
      • see at the bottom for correct placement of all pieces on display that could be “messed with”
  • Please remember that the gallery desk needs to be staffed at all times
    • If you need a quick break and you do not have a volunteer with you, you can call on other Public Services staffer to help you out
    • If you need a longer break, you will need to work with the schedulers

 Closing Tasks

  • Check for trash in the gallery
  •  Clean up the work table in The Studio and the Jewel Box activity space
    • check that the glue bottles are closed
    • messes are picked up
    • supplies are restocked
  •  Turn off the lights
    • Turn all breakers to OFF
  • Make the doors are locked behind you at the end of the night


Art to keep an eye on…

Randy Regier
Go Fast Daddy-O
Keep an eye on the placement as well as the pull chain in the back. The piece it attached to the stand with fishing line so if a kiddo or adult give it a good tug, it might come off



Joelle Ford
Keep any eye on the wooden spoons on the ground as well as the ladder







Joelle Ford
Hidden Talents
Keep any eye on missing or pulled off pot holders





Jordan E. Brooks
Black Flowers
Keep and eye on the attached plastic flowers. They are pushed through the canvas so a good tug and they might come out and walk away


Elsa Gramcko
There is a lot of texture on this piece that people will want to feel and a lock they might want to open






Russell Ferguson
Forest Shrine To The Red River
There are many small wooden pieces that could snap if touched







Yitzhak Greenfield
Jerusalem of Prayer
The books text and pages could be pulled off








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