Large Print & Business Center Moving to Learning Center, 10/15

The large print collection will be moving to the Learning Center on Monday, October 15, 2018. The collection is moving from Red Carpet to the Learning Center in preparation for construction in the Circulation Plaza. Once the construction work is complete, the large print collection will return to its current home in the Red Carpet area of the plaza. It is estimated that the collection will be in the Learning Center for 4 to 6 months. Here is additional information about this project:

What’s happening the day of move, Monday October 15th?

A team of library staff will move the large print books from Red Carpet to the Learning Center. They will also move the steel shelves the books reside upon. This move is anticipated to be completed within one day. Materials will be moved from one space to another using the main corridor of the hallway.

I see shelving going up in the Learning Center right now. What’s happening?

The Facilities team is working on constructing the steel shelving frames for the large print collection. This work can be completed gradually before the moving date. They will construct a total of 6 shelving ranges. The shelves themselves will be removed from the Red Carpet room shelving and installed on the shelving in the Learning Center along with all the books.

Will the new large print books be in the Learning Center?

Yes they will be in the room, attractively displayed on shelving that faces the west glass window wall.

Where will the Red Carpet realia and magnifier collections be located?

These collections will be relocated during the move to a location that has not yet been finalized. Another manager or I will share about it when we have the details finalized. The location will most likely not be on the main floor of the library.

Where will the Business Center be located?

The Business Center will also move into the Learning Center. It will be located along the east wall. For those of you who’ve worked here for awhile, it will reside where the newspaper shelving used to be when the Learning Center was the Periodicals Room. The Business Center will move on or very close to the same day as the large print book collection.

Will the Learning Center/Red Carpet space be staffed with a person in the room?

This space will not have a dedicated staff person stationed in it but staff will be nearby in the Media Room/Living Room area and also roving to provide assistance to customers in the room.

Will there be Learning Center programming in the room while the large print collection is in it?

No, there will not be programming. The majority of the space is needed for collections and the Business Center. There will be comfortable seating for customers who would like to spend time in the space.

Will there be a checkout kiosk in the room?

No, but there are 3 kiosks in close proximity to the entrance of the Learning Center. Staff are encouraged to guide customers to the nearest kiosks.

Will there be directional/informational signage about these changes?

Yes, we are working on signage. Even with clear directional signage, everyone will need to assist customers in confidently guiding them to the Learning Center.

What happens after the large print collection returns to the Red Carpet area?

The Business Center will be established in its new home to be located in the Circulation Plaza area. The large print books will return to shelving in the Red Carpet area. Then the shelves come down and renovation on the Learning Center space begins!

Have a question I didn’t address here? Please add it to the comments. Thanks in advance for making this transition of library collection and services a success! -Scarlett FH


4 thoughts on “Large Print & Business Center Moving to Learning Center, 10/15

  1. Kimberly Sain on said:

    Hi–What about the scooters and wheelchair check-out, Book Group in a Bag kits ready for pick-up, and where will people wait for notary service/where will notary service occur? I’m assuming all of these services will “live” along the East Wall where the Business Center will be temporarily? Thanks–Kim

  2. Scarlett Fisher-Herreman on said:

    Great questions Kim. I am not sure of the answers but will follow-up with others and post the response here. Thank you.

  3. Autumn Friedli on said:

    We are working to finalize the locations of all the services currently offered at the Red Carpet desk.
    Debbie is working with Digital Services to make sure that the Business Center is ready to go when it’s moved.
    Kelli, Ruth, Debbie and I are working to finalize the location of the scooters and wheelchairs.
    Kelli and Ruth are looking into the best location for notary service during the remodel.
    I am working with the Book Group in a Bag to finalize the new location for that service.
    Realia/Activities/Magnifiers will be moved and stored off the main service floor, but available for staff to get them for customers.
    Once we have finalized all the new locations and procedures, we will get that information to staff.
    It’s also our goal to have talking points for everyone to use to help our customers navigate the changes successfully.