10th St. Bookies–Let’s chat!

The 10th St. Bookies is a library team that’s all about the readers, and we want you to be a part of it. Building an engaged community of readers is one of our community impact goals, and we believe that starts right here in our library, with our staff. Reading conversations are for everyone–we’ve all been asked for a book recommendation or asked what we’re reading. We want to help staff feel more confident in having book chats, and guiding readers to their next books. So, book chats should be a part of our work culture, too.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll share information to help you engage with your community of readers, including each other. In addition to online information, we’ll offer in-person book chats, trainings, and opportunities to engage with readers. Our first staff book chat is coming up in September, and everyone is invited. If you would like to attend, please make arrangements with your supervisor.

First meeting of the 10th St. Bookies – “What are you reading?”
September 14, 2:30-3:30pm, Lower Level Conference Room.

Come and go as you’re able, or sit down for the whole hour.
Snacks will be provided, and this chat is on the clock.

We’ll see you there! Other days of the week and times will be offered as we continue these chats. We want everyone on our staff to be able to join in.

We’ve also created a list of resources for quick reference on the Intranet. It’s a place you can go when you need help getting a conversation started, or finding what your reader is looking for. You can also browse the resources to find new reads for yourself, to learn new info, or to get ideas for lists. You’ll find links to award winners, helpful blogs, tools, and more. Let us know what else you’d like to see us add. https://intranet.tscpl.org/reading-resources

In the comments, tell us what you want to learn. What trainings should we host?

4 thoughts on “10th St. Bookies–Let’s chat!

  1. rebecca-hoferer on said:

    This might be a little off the wall but was I asked about what to read from someone in the stacks and the customer mentioned she recently saw a movie, romantic, I think, so I suggested writers like Danielle Steele, Sandra Brown, Nora Roberts. Didn’t see her again so I hope I helped her.

  2. Miranda Ericsson on said:

    Yes, good note, Rebecca! Popular media is a great gateway to recommending books. 🙂

  3. Shannon Eddings on said:

    The “Reading Resources” page is now included in the “Resources” menu, at the top of every page on the intranet!

    • Zan Popp on said:

      Shannon – this is great! thank you for directing us. This will be very helpful when i am helping in the wings!! (and for my own reading pleasure as well!)