Star Trek program in 2019?

In 2013, the library held a Star Trek-themed series of programs. A few non-usual customers have asked if we have considered another Trek-related theme. Plenty of lead time would be necessary, so finding a Trek-related anniversary in, say, 2019 wasn’t too difficult. June 3, 2019 is the 50th anniversary of the broadcast of the last episode of the original Star Trek television series. Episode 79 was Turnabout Intruder, AKA the “Janice Lester episode“.

To gauge interest in a possible program and before a formal proposal is submitted, I’ve set up a survey for staff… though I suppose it’s ok if others take it. Perhaps it’s something to ask the public as well. We can consider that later.

A few things to take into consideration.

The summer learning theme in 2019 is Space, themed around the first men on the moon July 20, 1969 (also 50 years). I don’t know if that’s a potential collision or an opportunity. You decide.

Top Con has blossomed since we last did a Trek program. Has this event satisfied the local demand for Trek and related franchises or would franchise-themed events still be popular here (… Wars, …Trek, et al)?

Take the survey and a few of us in the interest group will consider everyone’s input and go…… forward. (No. I won’t say it.)


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