Reading Bingo Prizes

Reading Bingo Prizes are now available for pick up in the Red Carpet room! Readers who completed a straight-line or diagonal bingo (5 books) can pick a book from the two boxes on the counter in the magnifier room. They are labeled with signs that remind folks “one prize per winner.”

Entry forms for the grand prize drawing are on the counter with the books. Customers will fill these out and give them to staff at the desk. Please put these in the file folder in the bottom right hand drawer labeled “Reading Bingo.”

The RB page on our site has been updated with the location for prizes and grand prize entry forms:

We want this to be as little hassle for staff as possible. Readers should show you their Bingo card to get their prize, and you can put your initials to the side to indicate that they’ve received their prize. We’re going with the honor system on the books, so you’re not expected to follow them back to the books or verify that they only took one.

If customers have any questions at all, reach out to me or Lissa, or email the customer’s contact info and question to

If you have questions, please post here and we’ll answer for everyone.

Thank you for your help!

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