Call Center updates

  1. Calls in the Queue – How many? and correcting some misinformation about “Trunk”

The way to tell if there are any waiting calls is in the Queue Monitor. You access that the same way as the Agent Monitor, from the Windows menu.  You will see the queue, the main number, and all of the call statistics. How many calls are waiting, how long, etc.

Second, the number next to Trunk is simply which trunk the call came in on. We have 23 trunks total, so this number will change depending on how many other external phone calls are taking place. Here’s a shot of my phone calling my desk line, and the coordinating “trunk view” of the call showing my call coming in on trunk 2.  So, the number after the call has pretty much nothing to do with how many calls are waiting, just which line the call is coming in on.



2. Public Services should disable integration of Outlook and Shoretel, other staff can decide what works best for them:

There have been a number of questions lately about phones jumping to “In a Meeting” mode without being explicitly set. This is because ShoreTel integrates with your Outlook by default, and tries to match your schedule with the appropriate mode. It will also attempt to match your Out of Office time to what is scheduled in your Outlook. Instructions to disable this integration are intranet page ShoreTel integration with Outlook, under the VOIP Phone Information page.

3. Fire code question in regards to the call center

Greg Gaul writes: “All rooms must have 2 exits but the sprinkler system counts as one exit.  That door is not a fire exit for the north reading room or for the call center.  So the call center has the one regular door exit to the stairwell and the sprinkler system counts as the 2nd exit as it does in many rooms.  The big door in the call center is just an extra door since it does not have an “EXIT” sign on it.”

4. Paper phone list and online directories

The old 4-page folded phone list is no longer updated and should be discarded.

The Call Center team suggests the intranet staff directory for specific staff lookups. This list can be browsed by department, if you can’t quite remember the name of the person you need to call.

The Shoretel directory can be accessed in these ways:

  • On a hard phone: directly on the phone display, using the “Directory” button and typing the number keypad using the tiny letters on each key.
  • On a soft phone: on the Shoretel screen on the computer attached to the soft phone, using the Directory Tab.
  • On a wireless phone at the Media Desk: scroll to Contacts/Call List, hit “ok”, then 1. Contact Directory and popular numbers have been hand-programmed into Media 1 and Media 2 wireless phones. (Thanks, Meredith Snepp!)

For people who prefer a paper directory for service desk and shared phone numbers, the intranet staff directory  features a one-page summary that you can print for your cubicle or service desk. Please email Michael Perkins for corrections on that page.

5. décor and other improvements in the Call Center

Based on feedback from staff, the Call Center team is working with managers to acquire 2 bulletin boards, a white board, and new paint for the Call Center. Soundproofing materials have been added between the North Reading Room and the Call Center in response to staff concerns. Requests for ergonomic chairs, quiet fans, and adjustable monitors have also been submitted but may depend on budget availability.

6. Reporting issues with Shoretel/VOIP

  • For issues with Shoretel/VOIP, Please send a helpdesk ticket to digital services using the following link or email
  • For feedback on staffing, training, and procedures in the Call Center, please continue to send feedback to the Call Center team and/or your supervisor.

7. For customer phone calls in the call center where the person on the phone is looking for someone who may or may not be in the building. 

Rob recommends: Send these calls to Security and let them handle them.

They know whether and how much to search for specific situations and can take care of these.

8.Logging into Shoretel on the Call Center computers

You must log into Shoretel under the correct Call Center login (not your personal extension) to use the features needed in the Call Center. Here’s how: Accessing ShoreTel Agent Monitor in Call Center Instructions created by Susan Schafer for both Call Center computers.



5 thoughts on “Call Center updates

  1. Michelle Stottlemire on said:

    FYI: When out on the bookmobile last week we learned (the hard way) that there are certain extensions which can NOT be called directly from an outside phone (like the phones we use on the boomobiles). Specifically, we were trying to track down an ILL item (which are store behind the Customer Service Desk). We called in to the library and were transferred to the media desk, who told us to call that extension directly (didn’t offer a transfer, which was odd but we went with it). We repeatedly tried to call the Customer Service Desk, but it always gave a busy tone. We found out later that that extension can’t accept calls from outside the library, so the ONLY way we could get to that extension was through a transfer. Are there other extensions that have this limitation? If so, can we get a list so that we can insist on transfers in the future?

  2. Lissa Staley on said:

    We will get you the list today!!!! This is why this is a work in progress 🙂 Thank you for the feedback, request and explanation so we can improve this part for Bookmobile.
    Would you want the internal extensions noted with a star or something on the directory? What would be the best way to designate that so that no one tries to give those numbers to the public either?

  3. Lissa Staley on said:

    Update- I talked to Michael Perkins and submitted a helpdesk ticket so this can be noted on the directory!

  4. Michelle Stottlemire on said:

    Thank you! Even something as simple as an asterisk would be helpful. We’ll figure out a way to get important numbers available on the bookmobiles, since we can always rely upon the online directory/having internet access when we need it.