More about The Big Read 2013

What do you need to know about The Big Read 2013?
Hopefully by now, you know we have a big event going on in February when the library hosts its fifth National Endowment for the Arts-funded program, The Big Read. If you remember nothing else, please encourage people to read the book and talk about it with friends and family. The Big Read’s purpose is to encourage a return to reading for pleasure and create a community connection focused on one book, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Today, you received a packet from the Big Read committee to help with your promotion of reading the book and events.

Visual merchandising
In the library you see the banners in the rotunda, the slides on the Janus monitor, the book display and the vitrine display in the atrium.

How many books are there for customers?
There are more than 600 copies of the book available for the public to check out. We have 10 copies set aside for staff. The books are currently in Marie’s office, but they will be moved to a more accessible spot soon. There are also three Gatsby Book Group in a Bag kits, but our community of book clubs must have heard the word, because right now two are already reserved or out.

Web & Social Media
The Creative Group has worked hard to have everything you need to know on the web page,, so please check it out, and if you find some information missing, please let someone in Creative Group know and we will correct or add it. The Hospitality team is providing word-of-mouth talking points that will serve as bite-sized versions of who, what, when, and why we host The Big Read. We have an aggressive social media plan using Facebook and Twitter.

The Events
We have 28 events going on between February 1 – March 2, and we encourage you to share information with your customers at work and with your family and friends outside of work. One “secret” event that we encourage you to participate in is on February 2 at 11:50 am at the Roaring 20s Car Show in the Fairlawn Plaza Mall. We are putting on a “flash-mob” performance of a group of community members who will suddenly break into dance (the Charleston, of course) at the mall. You can even dress in 1920s garb if you feel the need. For those who would like to practice, we have a rehearsal at the mall on Tuesday, January 29, at 5:30 pm. Don’t feel you have to be a talented dancer to participate—this is just for fun and mostly silly.

Ride the bus for free Feb 4-9
The other thing you need to know is Topeka Metro is a new partner this year, and all 45 buses will have copies of The Great Gatsby available for bus riders to borrow and bring back to the bus when they have read the book (no library card or check out required). Also, individuals can ride the bus for free when you show your library card beginning Monday, February 4 through Saturday, February 9. Six of the Topeka Metro buses will have Big Read signs on the outside of the bus, so if you see them on the street, take a photo of it, so we can add it to our social media posts.

The Artwalks & The Finale at Great Overland Station
The art community is really helping promote the Big Read. ArtsConnect and the NOTO Art District will focus on The Big Read at two Artwalk events on February 1 and the March 1. On February 1, we will host a Big Read Artwalk in conjunction with the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery’s M.V.P. exhibit, with refreshments, book giveaways and promotion materials available in Marvin 101A.

The March 1 event with be hosted in conjunction with the NOTO Art District, and will be a great night of music, dance, art, food and fun at the Great Gala at the Great Overland Station. The event is open to the public, the music is provided by Clifford Manning and the One O’Clock Jump band, dance performances by The Dance Factory students and catering by Aboud’s. We are distributing bookmarks that look like tickets to promote the event. YOU DO NOT NEED A TICKET TO GET INTO THIS EVENT. The ticket just provides information about the March 1 event, and a summary of other key events. If you haven’t been to NOTO, this is a great time to come and celebrate the end of The Big Read 2013.


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