Adults get prizes too

Just a reminder about one of our big changes this summer, adults who read and record they have read 8 books from May 28 to July 27 get a prize!  Jersey Mike’s has graciously given us coupons for a free regular sub combo.  This coupon is the same one being used for the teen 8 hour prize and can be used interchangeably.  Prizes are available at public service reference, youth service reference and bookmobiles.  If you are running low please contact the appropriate go to prize person:

Kyler- Youth Services

Sandy- Bookmobile

Angie- Public Services

Giving a customer a prize is easy.  Find the account through the staff side.  Click on the present icon and follow the cues.  Want to see exactly what it looks like? Summerfest Overview.  Start at slide 39 for prize give away information.

By the way, adult staff who read 8 books get a coupon too!


4 thoughts on “Adults get prizes too

    • lpetrie on said:

      To get to the staff side of Summerfest you will need to add it to your Quick Links. To do that see Bill’s email to staff from 4/4/2012 or read what was copied from that email below:
      There is a new forum post about this feature here ( ). Please come and post feedback and suggestions.
      Here is how…
      1. When logged into the new Staff Website click on your account dropdown (Your name in the topmost navigation menu).
      2. Mouseover the Profile link to activate the flyout menu to the right.
      3. Select Edit to take you to the edit screen for your staff website profile.
      4. You will see some options for editing different parts of your profile. Currently there are 2; one for your About Section and one for Custom quick links. Click on Custom quick links.
      5. Change the first question “Use Custom Links” to Yes if you want to activate the links, No if you want to deactivate the links.
      6. Select from the different Popular links that you want to use. All the options you select will be added in alphabetic order to the top of your Quick Links dropdown menu.
      NOTE: We are actively looking to add more here if needed so please let us know if there are links you would like to see added.
      7. There is also room for 5 custom links that can go almost anywhere you like (Some sites break but if you come across one let me know and I’ll try and fix it). These custom links are set up to take a title (optional) and a URL.
      a. Set the Title to be whatever Name you would like to appear in the dropdown. If no title is set a generic “Untitled Link” will be used instead.
      b. Set the URL to the web address you would like to be taken to. The easiest way is to visit the page in your browser and copy/paste the URL from the address bar directly into the field.
      8. Click Save Changes and a the Quick Links dropdown should appear with your selections. Please send feedback to the forum post as well as any links you would like to see added to the Popular Links section.

    • lpetrie on said:

      The roundabout way to the same information is: L:Sharing FolderSummerfest (Summerfest Overview 2012- slide 39)