How to get a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird

There are mutiple answers to the question “How can I get a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird?” so here are some ideas and updates.

Check one out.
If there are any copies of the book checked in or available in the library, they should be placed immediately on the display in the atrium. If staff members have a copy available for checkout/borrowing, please take it there. If you or your customers need a copy, check there

Place a request
This is the main catalog record for To Kill a Mockingbird that has over 200 copies of the book associated with it. Because there are so many copies, if you put someone on hold for the book, they should get one eventually, hopefully even during February.

Borrow one from a friend.
The library has put about 1000 copies of To Kill a Mockingbird into the Shawnee County community this year. Many people may already own a copy of the book from high school or college assignments. Encourage people to ask their friends and family members if they already own the book, and then borrow it or share it. Talking about To Kill a Mockingbird is what the Big Read is all about!

Buy one at a local bookstore.
 The price of the mass market paperback copy is listed as $7.99.
I would encourage customers to call first before driving to the bookstore for a copy.
Update as of 2-6-2009 Hastings (271-8808) has 2 copies and 30 more on order (they should be in next week)
Update as of 2-6-2009 Barnes and Noble (273-9600) has 10 copies and 22 more on order.
Other bookstores in town include
Above All Books and Gifts (266-6107) 
Deans Books (357-4708 or 234-2342)
Books and More (232-2383)
Use the Topeka phone book to locate additional options.
The Chandler Booktique is sold out and will not be getting more copies.

Buy one online.
Online bookstores abound and the customer can choose from many options.

If you have other ideas to help customers get the book, or have updates/corrections to these ideas, please share your thoughts! Thanks for making the Big Read a success!


On the Big Read book display we have some audio guides (cd) from the NEA about To Kill A Mockingbird.  If customers ask those are hand outs and they can take one.  They do not require check out but help to enhance the enjoyment of reading the book.  They also do not need to bring them back.

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