1000 Books Before Kindergarten Curbside Pick-up

Customers may call to request rewards picked-up Curbside or TSCPL @Home. That is fine. I recently had requests for both.

  • Rewards are located in the closet next to the bathrooms in the back of Youth Services.
  • The shelf location of the rewards is clearly marked.
  • Put rewards in a plastic bag – sandwich size, quart size, gallon size – and write on the outside who is picking it up, who and what it is for: i.e. Webb, Luanne for Gracie Webb 1000 Books Before K Reward. (Bags and a Sharpie will be in the closet.) 
  • Mark in Beanstack that the rewards have been picked-up.
  • Put it on the cart with the pink sign on it that is just inside the sunroom. 
  • Let the family know it is ready for pick-up. If they want it delivered with their TSCPL@Home delivery let Sandy know. Package it with the same information as Curbside.
  • If you get requests while you are working from home – you can send them to me. Please send me – the child’s name, the adult’s name on the Beanstack account, and contact information.
  • Anyone is Youth Services can help you.

Let me know if you have any questions. 

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