Learn & Play Bus Update

The Learn & Play Bus mechanical issues have kept us from taking the vehicle out for the majority of this week.  It is currently at a local repair shop where the current problem has been identified and is being addressed.  They are currently awaiting parts.  I do not have a timeline as to when repairs will be made.  We will be responsive to whatever news the shop sends our way.

Despite the vehicle’s situation, we have been able to provide Learn & Play service all week with the exception of the Walmart stop.  In recent discussions with most of our sites, they have been willing and able to provide us with an indoor space for mechanical and weather related situations that would otherwise prevent the library from providing service.  While that is a day to day determination over the long haul, this week it has worked out wonderfully.

Just to make it all a little more interesting, we also experienced technical difficulties with Textedly.  That meant our communication to customers about this week’s situation was not as good as we would have normally been able to provide.  Those issues have been resolved though.  Having direct messaging back with our known user group should help us to spread the word if we need to be indoors or cancel.

Thank you to this week’s crew for rolling with the punches.  We have served several families despite all of the challenges.  We will see what next week brings.

Nothing can stop us from smiling and playing with toys and kids.

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