Learn and Play bus status

The Learn and Play Bus has been experiencing mechanical problems that has kept it in and out of the shop most of June. Because you are our customers first point of contact, we want you to know about the problems and what we are doing to resolve it. Here are the facts that you may use as talking points if your customers have questions.

  • For the last two weeks, the Learn & Play bus has experienced lighting issues mostly in the form of irregular flickering.  Today there was a misalignment of one of the slide out panels.
  • Maintenance staff is working with a local shop to diagnose and resolve the issues.
  • What takes place on the bus is more important, so here are the steps we are taking to serve our families:
  • We want to maintain the relationships we have built with our sites, volunteers and area early education experts and are working with them for alternative options for service if and when the bus is not in operation.
  • Conditions that may impact the bus include maintenance/repair, high winds and other extreme weather conditions.
  • Communication of any change is service is broadcast on our website, social media and texting service.

We are working to make these outreach opportunities less vehicle dependent so that we can improve the continuity which may include hosting the Learn and Play service within our community partners facility on occasion.

Taking facilitated play to our community’s families has been a part of our kindergarten readiness strategies since the adoption of the Family Place model, even before the Learn & Play bus. 

Thanks for your patience and for fielding questions that come your way.​


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