Wet Paint in The Edge

We have wet paint in The Edge! Our fabulous facilities crew has repainted the White Board. This will need to cure for a week. Also, the new art table is up! It needs to settle into the space before use. So, when working in the space, you will see stanchions blocking off that corner of the room. Don’t remove them, move them, or let teens in that particular area until those stanchions are gone.

Once the white board paint has cured, whoever is staffed in The Edge during the evening will need to clean the board during close. The teens have been eager to help me do this lately, but we are now using a very smelly alcohol solution to clean the board, so we would prefer that only staff complete this task. The solution and rags are located in the closet for you.

Once the stools are up for the art bench, the teens can start using that table. It should be available for use once the white board is dry. We will be getting art supplies for that in a bit, and I will send more information out about this when that stuff arrives.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you!


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