Edge Reveal

Good afternoon!

All of the months of planning and weeks of remodeling the Edge will be finished on Monday! Can you believe it?! It’s hard for me to believe that it’s already time for the grand reveal. If you have time, please plan on stopping by the Edge between 9 and 11 AM this coming Monday (19th). You will be able to see the fresh paint, flooring, furniture items (that have arrived…we have lots of pieces arriving in the coming weeks), and arrangement of the space. I will be able to answer any questions you have and explain how the gaming works now (don’t worry, it’s simple).

We want to keep the space new-like for as long as possible! Please help remind the kids of these items when you have a desk shift in the Edge:

  • Encourage teens to be respectful of the space:
    • No feet on walls or furniture
    • No jumping and kicking and throwing things (including fits)
    • Furniture should be used as intended (i.e. no laying down all the way or jumping over or standing on things or leaning chairs back, etc.)
  • Teens should be aware of the surroundings and use good judgement about the volume of their voice and the respectfulness of their words.
  • Teens need to clean up after themselves (please reinforce that the teens pick up their trash and recycling…and put them in the trash and recycling bins)
  • Teens should be inclusive of others, even those not in their group, in regards to sharing space, furniture, white board, magnetic poetry, and gaming
  • You are the boss of the space when you are there for a desk shift. Have fun with the kids but also let them know you are in charge.

I can’t wait to share this space with you! Any questions?

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