New Gaming Consoles

Good afternoon and happy Friday!

You may have heard rumors, and they were probably true. We have new gaming systems for The Edge! We now have a Wii U, PS4, and XBOX ONE along with new games for each. Work has been underway behind the scenes to get everything ready to go for Topeka’s teens, and we now have a date for our unveiling. The consoles will be installed and go live Tuesday, January 5th at 3 PM, and we will have a time for staff to come in to play with the new systems and ask questions from 1-3 PM that same day. Please expect and prepare for The Edge to be busier than normal as this upgrade might bring in more teens.

Updated procedures will be emailed out to those who work in The Edge before our go live date, but please don’t hesitate to contact me, Andrea Bair or Jennifer Grammer with any questions or concerns you have in the meantime.

It should be an exciting 2016 in The Edge!

Thank you!

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