Scavenger Hunt update

The Scavenger Hunt has been changed.

  • New copies have been given to The Edge, Gallery, Media, Red Carpet, Topeka Room, Reference, and Kids Library service points.
  • Answer Key and PDF will be sent out via email to Staff
  • Hints were added:  colors of gemstones, poster format, 3D structure…
  • Directions have changed:  customers have a staff person (any staff person) to initial their find.  Most items are near a service point(s) so staff should be in close proximity.

Things to remember:

  • This is for fun and to get people to walk through our spaces. It is low stakes all around; we’re talking a drawing for pencils, washable tatoos, and fake mustaches, so don’t get caught up in technicalities.  If a customer brings a form to you with check marks, initial all their spaces and call it good.  Don’t make them walk back through and collect initials from the spaces they have already been.
  • Participation on these in the past is not outrageous.  Maybe 100 or so people.  That’s less than 2 people a day over the course of the summer.  The impact on time will be nominal.
  • There are still a couple of corrections to be made to the form and Marketing is aware.  Version 3 will be sent out when it is ready.  Utilizing Version 2 in the mean time will insure that no one goes Scavenger Hunt deprived.

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