Why SummerFest?

As a library we put considerable resouces and energy toward SummerFest each year.  Why do we push ourselves to get people of every age reading?

Babies & Toddlers

  • From 0-3 the brain grows from being 25% wired to 90% wired
  • Interacting with a baby is how successful wiring happens.  Babies need to feel safe and loved.  Our program encourages parents to spend time with their baby.
  • Reading with a baby is a simple way to bond.
  • Our program incorporates more than reading.  It also includes several actions that encourage growth and development… singing, playing, talking, and writing.


  • Every skill takes practice… reading included
  • Part of our strategic plan is to help kids to be ready for and successful in school
  • Practicing reading through summer months helps kids to maintain their reading level and arrive at school in fall in the same or better place
  • Not reading in summer has a cumulative negative effect on reading level

Teens & Adults

  • Life-long learners read
  • Reading keeps the mind active
  • It is a great way to pick up a new hobby or relax
  • It is always good to model good habits like reading to children
  • A reading community is a learning community

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