Summerfest Grand Prize Winners

Here is a listing of all our grand prize winners:


Baby Blanket- Huxley Sedam

 Fridge Magnets- Isabella Witten


Discovery Center Membership-  Kenzie Lawson

Nook Tablet- Boaz Bonura 


Kindle Fire- Faith Ngibuini


Kindle Fire- Deanna Guzman

 A few details to note:

  • Infant, Kid, Teen, and Adult prizes are located in the Outer Office and have been labeled with the winner’s name and phone number. 
  • If you have a winner come in to pick up his/her prize please verify the identity by either checking the library card number or phone number in Evanced. 
  • Please take a picture of the winners with the prizes.  Camera is located in the YS desk drawer.
  • The Discovery Center Membership winner will have to wait until Monday for the prize (that one is in the safe).
  • The Adult Kindle winner will have to wait until Monday for the prize as well.
  • The winner of the Top Teen Reader prize will be identified later next week.  A separate email mail will be sent to update everyone on that.
  • All winners have been notified and have been given details regarding their prize pick up.
  • Grand prizes are done by computer generated random drawing.

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