Some New AWE, AWEsome

We have 6  new AWE Early Literacy Stations  in the school house.

  • 4 units are English only and 2 are bilingual (Spanish/English).  Each machine has been labeled accordingly in both languages.
  • All units have mice as well as touch screens.
  • On the bilingual machines, to switch from one language to another you click on the flag icon at the bottom of the homepage. 
  • AWE-supplied, shortcut sheets for the machines have been placed in the room so that customers can figure out how to end a particular program or get back to the homepage.   (Yes, we know the ones for the bilingual machines are in English only.) 
  • Each machine has speakers so neither headphones or the cones of silence are necessary.  The cones will eventually go away as maintenance has time to get to their removal. 
  • There are new games– I personally like the World of Goo.

Feel free to come over and play– bring a customer!

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