Summerfest- trouble-shooting managed accounts

One of the more common questions from people over the summer reading programs concerns managed accounts.  The question usually starts with, “I know my family and I are registered, but we can’t get back in to enter the time we’ve read.  Why is that?”

When people have opted to sign up children under their adult card, then they have opted to manage those acounts.  That means that when they log back in, they will need to go through the adult account holder.  So, if the adult goes through the adult program and logs in with her account number, she should see not only her account but the list of all the kids that are under her account.  Activities/Time  for each individual infant/kid can be added from there.

If you run across anomalies,  I’d appreciate knowing about them, as we are keeping track of glitches and will address them as best we can when they arise.

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