Status of Evanced aka Summerfest

The Summerfest software appears to be running smoothly both on the staff and customer side this morning.  There are still small glitches that are being worked out, but the disruption we had in service yesterday should be just that– yesterday’s disruption.  You should find it running faster and should no longer run into the message saying that there are too many connections at this time.  On the administrative side you will see an apology notice from Evanced that is in reference to yesterday.  You can click by it.

I’ve had several folks who have needed a password reminder for the staff side.  This year’s password is summerfest2012.

We should be good to go overall.

2 thoughts on “Status of Evanced aka Summerfest

  1. Carrie Cummings on said:

    Where is the link for the staff side login for summerfest? I might be crazy but I don’t see it here.

    • lpetrie on said:

      You will need to add it to your quick links. See the adult prize comments for further instructions.