SummerFest 2010 Committee Meeting Minutes (11-25-09)

Sorry for the delay!

First, all staff should have received a t-shirt order form from me, with pictures of the summerfest t-shirt. check your inbox for an email from me.

Okay, below are minutes from the last SummerFest committee meeting.

SummerFest will officially start June 2, but there may be a soft launch June 1, especially for bookmobile. (June 2 is the Wed. after Memorial Day, which comes late in May this year.)

There is a heavy push to start earlier in the schools, at least with promotion of summer reading. Some promotional activities in the past have been bugs and bookmarks, designed by children. This year, the committee has brainstormed a boat made out of paper, dunk tank on kick-off or possibly a water balloon throwing contest. The committee seemed to like the Oragami boat promotional idea.

We are keeping our policy on letting people earn their prizes at their own pace and collect their prizes whenever. We are also keeping the reading milestones different for children, teen and adult. The committee agreed that those respective groups benefit from milestones that are geared towards their needs… adults like the challenge, and teens benefit from the variety of ways to earn their prizes.

We are doing both an online and paper reading log. The paper reading log is needed still for those who are slower to adopt technology, but we see this as a first step of phasing in electronic-only reading logs, which needs to be phased in over the course of a couple years. In addition, the committee agreed that SummerFest shouldn't look totally different than in the past, but should just move toward the future. It's evolving, in other words.

The committee agreed promotion should reach out to coffee shops and grocery stores, where we should put fliers up.

There was wide approval of an idea to give out the book as the first incentive to kids or to be used as a promotional idea, like students get a piece of paper in school and if they bring it in on the kick off day, they can receive their book. Prizes would be subject to availablity, and there would be a way to get the homeschoolers involved. We're just not sure what that way is right now. An idea was passed around that we give adults who come in with their children, a free book and reading log too because kids like to see their parents having to read.




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