Summerfest Minutes 11/4/09

Summer Reading Committee: Nov 4, 2009
Nancy O, Kyler, Jackie, Lisa, LeAnn, Ann, Luanne, Paul, Marie, Brad, Angie, Nancy W, Sandy, Lena
Discussed Budget
·        Connect Now Check list Feb 10th
·        Book rooms NOW
·        Program Brochures
o   City Parks & Rec due at the end of December (LeAnn is going to look into the cost issue??)
o   County Parks & Rec end of January
·        Book Presenters for Blockbusters January (Kyler)
·        Purchase Order Request March 1st
Review the last few years:  (Plus/Delta)
·        8-Blockbuster Wednesdays
o   (this year have 2 –day shows & 1-evening show plus have the Summer Reading Kickoff as a blockbuster)
·        Lisa will film blockbusters and put on line for the digital branch
·        “Road Show” at the summer camps
·        Tuesday Programs
o   (2 age groups, possible partner with USACE, Coast Guard ,Waste Water Treatment Plant, bring back successful programs from the past…)
·        Friday Flicks
·        Washburn Art Students
·        Critter Club
·        Adult Kickoff (possible book swap partnership with Bobby in Boutique )
·        Film Series
·        4-Demos tied with Farmers Market (water garden, rain garden…)
·        “Travel Log” with Gary Clark
·        TV Stations will do Thursday Story times and regular story times on Tuesday
·        Strollers taking up a lot of room in the auditorium
·        Kickoff as a Carnival
·        Need more programs for school aged kids
·        Outside performer didn’t show…
·        Bigger place for Friday Flicks
·        Washburn Dancing Blues for Teens
·        Programs based on theme alone for adults
·        Teen programs at the Community Centers
Possible New approach:
·        When programming look at what the customer wants NOT what is easiest for us or what we want.
·        8- Saturday programs from 10-11:30 am story time, crafts, fun for all… possible piggy back with the adult parenting program
·        Adult gaming will be Saturday afternoons
Next meeting
·         Ending party?
·         Do we need sub committees for the summer programs? (get them started)

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