Summerfest meeting Nov. 18, 2009

Summerfest meeting Nov. 18, 2009 –
BK meeting room 2 p.m.

Reading part of summer– Dates for everything (Schools, summer reading, programs, kickoff, ending etc.)

  • April 6th – Get in Schools – Principals ready to participate after this date
  • June 2nd – Kick off
  • June 1st – Adventuremobile starts

Final approval on dates will be discussed with LeAnn and Marie

What we want from the schools: to help encourage the kids to read all summer. The main idea of summer reading is to help kids continue reading throughout summer so they do not fall behind and are better prepared for the next school year.


  • School involvement –Gina and Marie
    Sandy Lane – Co-Chair
    Day camps – deposit collections – Brad, Sandy, Jackie and Kyler
  • Day cares – Marie and LeAnn
  • Marketing – Lisa
    LuAnn – Co-Chair – ordering stuff
    Lisa still looking to confirm cost and dates for Parks & Rec catalogs

Prizes – Kyler – Angie Foltz

  • A prize for every 4 hours of reading
  • 15 businesses already onboard 2500 prizes each
  • still looking for adult prizes
  • brainstormed ideas such as bottled water with our logo

System for verification of prizes

  • This will depend on how we register and this hasn’t been decided.
  • Prizes will be given out weekly (last year it was every 2 weeks)
  • Camps and ADVM must be able to give out weekly

Defining what is considered completion

  • 12 hours or 6 weeks out of 8 at 2 hours a week = completion
  • On line vs. paper registration
  • We’ll get with Kari Z. to get volunteers to help enter data.

YA subcommittee for reading and programs

  • Lena W.

YA subcommittee for reading and programs

  • Angie F. and Kim S.


Summerfest name report –
Communications and Marketing will still be promoting and branding all events and activities this summer as SummerFest.

Programming – subcommittees:

  • Blockbusters –
    Kyler and Ann
  • Youth services – Programs in a box – subcommittee
  • Saturdays
    Nancy Overmyer
  • Gallery
    Sherry Best, Brea Black

Ordering all the stuff we need for Summer reading, logs, etc.

  • Lisa K., Nancy W.

Volunteers from other departments

  • Brad and LeAnn – Kari Z. will be asked to help

These chairs will choose 2-3 people to be on their committee. And those committees will try to meet before next meeting.

List of activities open to others – talk to management council to assure that other managers and supervisors will allow their staff to participate

  • Day camp deposits and prizes
  • Pre-schools
  • Friends to disseminate marketing materials
  • End party
  • Someone with unusual pets to spend week on Adv.
  • Programming to share special skill for adults or children

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