Summerfest Committee Minutes 10/28/2009

Summerfest Committee Meeting Minutes

     –Meetings will be conducted weekly until further notice–

Goals of Summer Reading

     -Double last year’s numbers
     -Get more kids reading

Ideas to reach our goals
     -Get the reading logs into school earlier. Perhaps allow
          students to complete the first four hours in school.
     -Add consistency to the way prizes are rewarded. Have 1 reward
          each week for every 2 hours of reading. Start the program
          the first week in May and have 12 weeks of weekly prizes
          (Kyler will look for prize possibilities).
     -Partner with Topeka Parks and Rec as well as other summer day
          camps. Provide deposit collections (perhaps using weeded
          books or donations?) and 1 week of prizes each Monday.
     -The idea is for the kids to read while they are at camp. Many
          camps have time to read before the day’s activities begin.
        -May be a good fit with pre-existing curriculums.
        -How would registration work? How many camps?
        -Subcommittee formed to further investigate:
         Brad, Sandy, Jackie, Kyler
     -Gina is talking with school superintendents in November.
     -Discussed the possibility of outreach storytellers providing   
          necessary supplies for summer reading at their stops.
    -Depending on the prizes, they may not be able to carry them.
    -Could another staffer go along—perhaps a volunteer?
    -Leann and Marie will look into this further.
     -Make competition with the schools visible online.
    -Lisa will work with Bill and Michael to explore the

     -Public Service Announcements
    -WIBW is on board and PSA’s should not be a problem—Lisa will
    -We could film our own PSA’s and post them to Youtube.
    -WIBW could host a prize drawing on their news program.
    -Last year’s winner should be included in the PSA’s.
    -There are also pre-made PSA’s available from the consortium.
     -Posters, bookmarks, certificates, stamps, etc. have been
          ordered from the consortium.
    -Some of these could go to the sponsors for advertisement.
    -Perhaps we could advertise on the placemats at restaurants
         like McDonald’s.

Summerfest Name
     -Lisa, Nancy O, and Leann will look into the Summerfest name to
          see is any changes ore additions are needed.

     -Everyone is now on Basecamp
    -Use it for subcommittee work, outlines, pertinent info for
         the group, etc.

For Next Time…
    -Discuss subcommittees
    -Deadline for Parks and Rec summer catalog is in December
    -Deadline for Connect Now is February 10th.

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