Idea Management

What is idea management? It’s a structured process for generating, capturing, discussing and improving, organizing, evaluating and prioritizing valuable insights. The library uses to capture ideas and suggestions. Campaigns are the method to organize the ideas and suggestions.  Campaigns can be focused with a shorter life-cycle or can be ongoing with no end date.

How a Campaign Works

  • Submit your ideas!
  • Collaborate with your coworkers! Discuss and clarify online
  • Evaluate! initial review, maybe with an expert, a review committee then approves, saves for later, or declines
  • Implementation! add to project and implement

Current Campaigns

  • What’s your Idea? is the place put your random ideas and suggestions that aren’t related to any of the open and targeted campaigns.
  • What will the operational plan be for the new tech space?
    The second floor space vacated by Technical Services will be turned into additional public space dedicated to technology – computers, make-it lab activities, collaborative tech spaces.

Essential Elements of a Stellar Idea

Tips on how to make your idea engaging!

Create a great title:

  • Use a complete sentence, with a subject and a verb.
  • Be Specific – who, what, when ,where, why, and how
  • Be assertive – use action verbs like engage, initiate, establish, commence, etc.
  • Avoid titles that are lists or ask questions
  • Limit titles to 70 characters or 15 words.

Describe your idea as an actionable proposal:

  • be specific about how your idea addresses a certain problem or creates an opportunity
  • Include variations and alternative implementations
  • Include supporting documentation or illuminating images

How Ideas are Evaluated

The evaluation phase of the campaign involves a review committee. The committee’s task is to decide if they are a good fit for the library. They use these questions as a guide to determine the viability of each idea:

  • What is the demand/need?
  • How will we measure it?
  • What is the potential impact?
  • What kind of buy-in already exists or is assumed will exist?
  • Does it support the library’s strategic plan?


Do you have an idea for a new campaign? send it to