Non-Exempt Leave Use

Effective November 5, 2018 a change will be implemented for how non-exempt (hourly) employees request and use leave. Non-exempt (hourly) employees are those that are eligible to earn overtime in accordance with the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

All leave time (vacation, sick & holiday leave) will be requested and used in quarter (0.25) hour increments instead of tenths (0.10). This change is only for full-time regular and part-time regular non-exempt employees. It does not impact part-time intermittent (Officers & Shelvers) or exempt (salary) employees.

The reason this is being done is that Paycom rounds work hours to the nearest quarter of an hour so this will fall in line with how work hours are reported.

A new policy statement titled, “Time Reporting for Employees,” will be available in the near future on the intranet in the policies section of the Human Resources information tab

Please let your supervisor or HR know if you have any questions.

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