Safety reminder: needles and other sharp items

Recently our maintenance staff have found needles both outside and inside the library. Those found inside the library have been both in trash containers and in sanitary containers in restroom stalls. Outside they have shown up in stairwells and under shrubbery.

Please be vigilant about the safety hazard of sharp objects such as needles and broken glass. Don’t reach into trash containers if you are not able to see everything in the container. Remember that bags and other thin film containers may not be heavy enough to keep a needle from poking through. One needle that was found outside had been hidden in an empty Cheetos snack bag.

Needles, other sharp objects and liquids such as blood or other bodily fluids should be reported promptly to Security (#4500) and Maintenance (#4504) for cleanup and disposal.

If you are stuck:

  • encourage the wound to bleed, ideally by holding it under running water
  • wash the wound using running water and plenty of soap
  • don’t scrub the wound while you are washing it
  • don’t suck the wound
  • dry the wound and cover it with a waterproof bandage or dressing
  • report the work-related injury to your supervisor, manager or the Manager in Charge
  • Seek medical treatment at St. Francis Occupational Medicine Clinic (7 am-4pm Mon-Fri) at 631 Horne Street, 2nd floor Continental Medical Bldg. After hours, report to the St. Francis Emergency Room at 1700 SW 7th.

There is a sharps disposal container in the staff hallway next to security. We also have ordered sharps disposal containers for the restrooms throughout our buildings.

More detailed blood borne pathogen procedures and training are being developed and will be implemented.

Remember, promptly report needles, other sharp objects, and liquids such as blood to Security (#4500) and Maintenance (#4504) for cleanup and disposal.


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