Paycom – Vacation/Sick Leave/Holidays

Now that the first paycheck has been processed, correct vacation and sick leave accruals are in place in Paycom.

Here is what you need to do for each category:


Continue to do the same as you always have for sick leave.  Call your sick phones, report to your supervisor, etc.  Whatever has been your normal process for notifying your supervisor, etc. continue to do so. it will NOT change at this time. Do NOT use Paycom for that until instructed to change.


We will request vacation leave through Paycom.  When you login to your Paycom portal you will see this:

In the center you see “Time-Off Requests.”  It is also in the menu on the left side of the screen.  Both links get you to the same place, so use whichever makes sense for you.

When you click on “Request Time Off” you see this screen


You see several things in this screen.  Your calendar is at the bottom.  This is mine and you notice I have a holiday (you can tell because there is an “H” for Sun 1-1 and that date is green which in the color coding scheme across the bottom indicates it is a holiday.)  You can also see that I  have 8 hours of Vacation, notice the “V”, on Monday 1-9.  According to the color codes (pinky-red) it is denied.  We did this for a test.  Most of the time you will see yellow for requested and orange for approved.

At the top of the screen the gray bar with “Add time-off Request +” is where you want to click to request Vacation leave.

It will drop down to add this box.

Select the number of hours you need to take.  The default is 8 hours.  If you need something shorter just change the number in that box.

Under Type, click on the arrows and it will drop a box like this:

You select Vacation

Below that, you need to make sure you select the day you want to have the vacation.  If you want two or more days in a row, you can select the start date and then the last date and it will request 8 hours for each day.

If you are selecting a lessor number of hours than 8, you will need to select the start time for the vacation.  For example: if you are taking the afternoon off, you might start that at 12:30 and you would have selected 4 hours up above.

If you are using 8 hours, then you need to change those three “Start Time” boxes to a blank.  Click on the arrows for each drop down.  The top selection will be a blank.  If you click on that it will put a blank in the box. This just puts in 8 hours of vacation without starting at any specific time.  Which is what you want.

If you are not scheduled to work on a weekend and you want to select Thursday through Tuesday for your vacation, be sure the “Ignore Weekends” box is checked.  That is the default.  This will prevent paycom from charging you vacation hours for Saturday and Sunday.

If your vacation includes a Saturday or Sunday, then you will need to make sure that box is NOT checked so it charges your vacation appropriately. In that case you want to start it on Thursday through Saturday and then do a separate request for Monday and Tuesday.

Just ignore the “Update Schedule…” box as we are not using that part of the system.

Sometimes, you need to communicate something about the vacation request to your supervisor.  You type that information in the “Reason” box.

When you are done click the green “Add Request” box and it will automatically go to your supervisor for approval. You automatically get an email when your request is approved or denied.

It will show up on your timecard and once we have the schedule functional it will show up there as well in yellow and pending.  Once it is approved that changes to Orange and approved in both places.


Here is the information as of right now from Sheryl:

“Just fyi that if you were not scheduled to work Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and/or New Year’s Day, you will receive a holiday leave accrual(s) for those dates to use within 6 months.

Those have historically been entered by Finance and we are ready to do so but are awaiting some codes from Paycom.

So, if you review your leave balances, any leave shown as Holiday is only the unused amount carried over from ADP.

There will eventually be separate lines for the combo of Christmas Eve/Day and New Year’s Eve/Day, with the expiration dates (use or lose by dates) displayed, but those won’t be retroactively placed on the pay stub issued today.

Instead, you will be able to view them when signed into Paycom by selecting Time Off requests and choosing My Accruals from the drop down.

We will let you know as soon as these are posted and you will be able to use this time in the current pay period, even if we are already past the day you were off starting 1/2/17.

I apologize for the delay.  Thanks – Sheryl”


One other thing.  You will notice that between the top part of the screen and the calendar is a box that shows accruals.  This is a good place to see if you have enough vacation to be able to request the time off.

The system will not allow you to book more vacation than you have accrued at the time of request. Example: you ask for 40 hours off but only have 35 hours.  It will only allow the 35 hours until you have accrued 40. It will not track that for you and automatically add it.  You will need to keep track and add that remaining 5 hours.  Also, keep in mind, if you book vacation for June and commit your entire accrual to that request, it will not allow you to request a day in March unless you have accrued the additional time.

This doesn’t prevent you from requesting, but you will need to edit the original request for June to free up enough hours to fill the March request.  Your supervisor can help you with this.

If you have questions, please let me know.



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