Paycom Update

Thank you for the relatively smooth roll out of Paycom.  While there have been a few issues, most of them have been fairly simple to solve and a lot of you figured it out right away!  We are still getting some of the setup figured out.  Our main person at Paycom who was doing all this work, left the company on Monday, with no warning to us.  I have to give great credit to Kayla, our sales person.  She has stepped in and is getting things resolved for us even though that wasn’t her role in this process.  If there is a hiccough we are working on it.

Thank you for all the great questions. I’ve been bragging about how good your questions are.  It really helps me get everything straightened out for you and has helped catch issues that need addressing.

Paycom is very different from ADP.  i’m going to try to introduce you to some of those concepts so that you have a better overall view of the software.

  • Paycom is not just a payroll system.  It is a single database that serves Payroll, Human Resources, Scheduling, Time Cards, Performance Review Process, Application process for new hires, training and a number of other things.
  • You will be doing more than just clocking in and out, as we begin bringing more aspects on line during January.
  • As soon as we have the balance of vacation and sick leave from the last ADP payroll, it will be dumped into Paycom and we will let you know how to request vacation and sick leave through the system.  I anticipate sending this out this week.  If you are on vacation and aren’t here, your supervisor can add that for you to make sure your first paycheck in January is correct.
  • Access to the system requires the last four digits of your SSN#.  This is a common practice in these types of systems.  It connects to your record inside of Paycom to make sure everything gets attributed to you so that you get paid correctly. My bank requires using this same information as well as many other groups that provide services to confidential information.  We are hearing that some people are spreading the rumor that using the last four of your SSN# is illegal.  Let me assure you that it is not.  As I mentioned, this is a common practice for these types of systems.
  • A number of you have been exploring the system.  That is great!  Some of the data is not correct yet, for example the vacation leave, so do not be alarmed if it looks weird.  Some of the parts of the Sample check portion aren’t pointing to the correct fields yet.  That is being fixed and should be accurate soon.

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