Paycom First Time Setup Information

The good news! Many things in Paycom are coming along very well. A number of things will be much more flexible than ADP when the entire program is functioning.

The bad news!  We are having a few last-minute hiccups getting the clock in and out part set up.  I’m really sorry as I know you all want to do this correctly and time is passing quickly.

So here is where we stand right now on clocking in on Monday morning beginning December 19.

  • Do not use ADP timeclocks or the ADP Etime desktop application to clock in or out.
  • Timecards in ADP for the previous pay period still need to be finalized and approved on Monday the 19 for the pay date of December 23.
  • If you CANNOT get set up on Paycom for Monday – DO NOT WORRY!  Just record your times on a piece of paper, excel spreadsheet, whatever you want to use and we will get those correctly entered for you in time to be paid. Your supervisor can enter your time until you can do so on your own.

Setting up your Paycom Employee Account

If you can get setup in Paycom by Monday. Please follow the instructions below. It will be really helpful to either have the Paycom email up on a second screen or print it out as you will need the information a couple times. This will take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

  1. On December 19 or before, log in using the Paycom desktop application at (There is a Paycom link on the Intranet.) (from any Library computer with internet access) or the iPad kiosks in Circ (west end) and Maintenance (your staff badge may not allow you to enter Maintenance).
  2. At the Login tab is in the upper left corner.
  3. Choose Employee from the drop-down menu.
  4. Emails are forthcoming with user ID, including one-time password for You will need the last four digits of your Social Security Number.  Try to log in asap and notify us if you have problems. The email looks like this:

    Paycom email with login instructions. (Click/tap to view larger version.)

  5. It will prompt you to answer your security questions. Please remember what you enter for them.
  6. Once you are in, you will be prompted to change your one-time password to something you can remember.
  7. Change your User ID to your email address by clicking on the “My Information” tab on the left hand side of the screen. It will bring up this screen:

    Paycom My Information page

  8. Select Change Password or Username and you will see this screen.

    Paycom change password page

  9. Select the green button with Change Username. It will bring up a space to enter a new username. We recommend using your tscpl email address for this. Unlike ADP it should be the complete address including .org. This is also where you can go in the future to change your password, should you want to. You will also notice that these passwords do expire and it will eventually prompt you to change it periodically.

Clocking in from a kiosk will require a Paycom-assigned badge number that has nothing to do with TSCPL security badges. Administration will send your badge number to you. You must remember this number in order to clock in at an iPad kiosk. Logging in from a desktop application requires User ID, password and last 4 digits of SSN, but not the badge number.

Rounding rules up or down still apply just as in ADP. The system will show your actual punch and the rounded punch.  Time will be recorded based on the rounded punch.

Manager/Supervisors have been through training and can assist with login and clocking in questions. Please remember they are learning this along with you so they may not know the answer to every question, but we will get your questions answered.

The trainers have also gone through training and will be happy to help you.

25 thoughts on “Paycom First Time Setup Information

  1. Shannon on said:

    I am highly alarmed that this company requires _any part_ of my SSN to login. The required strong password, and additional security questions really should be enough for logging in,

    I am somewhat heartened to see the KIOSK uses a badge number instead and I hope library administration allows _all staff_ the ability to clock in this way.

  2. Nathan Pauley on said:

    I agree that it would be nice for all staff to be able to simply use a badge number to clock in. Asking for four different pieces of security information (password, SSN, and 2 security questions) for the task of clocking in is very onerous. Any simplification of the process would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Sheri Denoon on said:

    I agree with Shannon and Nathan. Hopefully, all staff will able to use a badge number and login will not require part of my SSN. I too would appreciate administration’s assistance concerning this process

  4. Lisa Brien on said:

    I apologize if I missed it, but what is the end of the evening procedure? Do we stay at out computers until 9:08?

  5. Rob Banks on said:

    I have asked Paycom about the last four of the SSN. So far they have not responded.

    Please keep in mind that you will be using your login to access a number of things. Clocking in and out is just one action you will take in this new portal.

    • Rob Banks on said:

      I got word this morning about the last four of the SSN# from Paycom. That is a part of their system and cannot be changed. Because Paycom handles HR and Payroll information, they have rigid security protocols in place.

      • Kate Hughes on said:

        I cannot see how I mark 8 hours vacation or sick time for an appointment in my new time record, and I’ll need to do that for some days this pay period. Thank you in advance.

        • Rob Banks on said:

          Kate, There will be a number of people in your boat on this. We have to wait until all of the accrued balances are dumped in from ADP, hopefully any time now, before any vacation or sick leave requests will process. I’ll get that out to every as soon as it is possible.

      • Kate Hughes on said:

        I should think that a reputable company with rigid security protocols would do everything possible to protect our social security numbers. Was this talked about in discovery meetings with the company? Social security numbers are to be used for tax purposes and payroll only. Not as logins. Surely there is a way that all of us can use badge numbers or an alternate number as was required of our health insurance provider.

  6. Susan Schafer on said:

    Tonight, I went straight to the desk from dinner. I tried to clock in on a computer that was logged in under another person’s name. I kept getting error messages. Finally I logged out the computer and logged in as myself and I got clocked in. Has anyone else had this happen? Is this how the system is set up to work? Thanks, Susan

    • Jayme Lyons on said:

      We haven’t had that problem with the Bookmobile dock computers although it does ask for answers to you security questions.

      • Rob Banks on said:

        My understanding is that it doesn’t matter who is logged in to the computer, You should be able to log in to Paycom on that computer. I’m not sure what happened Susan. Try it again when you get a chance and let me know via email what happened.

        I’ll work with Paycom to figure this out.
        Thanks for reporting the problem. It helps me troubleshoot the system.

  7. Matt Pettit on said:

    I’ll post this here in case others might chime in. I’m asked security questions repeatedly. There seems to be no reason for it. I’m sure I’m not making that many typos that it needs to verify me constantly. It unnecessarily slows down the login process.

    • Rob Banks on said:

      It will randomly ask security questions, but typically you should only see them when you switch computers. So if you login at your desk for the day, lockout at Red Carpet for lunch, clock in at your desk and clock out in the Red Carpet workroom for the end of the day, you would see security questions at each instance because you are using a different computer. If you do it all from your desk, I wouldn’t expect you to see questions each time. Let me know if it continues, Matt. I can see if there is something not quite right.

  8. Meredith Snepp on said:

    I am curious why only certain departments have gotten a 4-digit PIN to login on the iPads; or why there isn’t an iPad in the basement where the ADP kiosk used to be? It is so stressful to run downstairs, hope your computer isn’t moving too slowly and that you aren’t blasted w/security questions, AND get logged in on time. I’d like to know what my 4 digit PIN is so I can use the Circ iPad.

    • Rebecca Paquette on said:

      I agree. With the amount of time it takes to walk into the building, walk to your desk (without interruptions), let your computer start up and warm up, and clock in, you could be marked late and have vacation taken from you even though you were at work on time.

  9. Rob Banks on said:

    Meredith, The decisions on who clocks in at their desk/service point and those who use a kiosk was made based on two issues: 1. Do you have a computer on your desk that is primarily used by you; 2. Is your desk where you start your day? For most of us, we report to work at our desk to a computer that is primarily used by ourselves.

    Therefore, if a staff members normal routine does not allow sufficient time to get to their desk, and login to the computer, I recommend taking those issues into account when leaving home.

  10. David Lee King on said:

    Just a reminder about your computers. If it seems slow, you need to report that to Digital Services so we can take a look at it/fix it.

    Also remember to regularly reboot/restart your computer, so updates can run, errors can clear out, etc.

  11. Betty Neal on said:

    Many of us will need to approve our timecard on Friday. Some earlier and some later. How do we do this?

  12. Sheryl Weller on said:

    The Approve Date button was not enabled by Paycom for employees to approve timecards. We requested it last week, but it was missed. I have verified on my own timecard that this is now there. It is on the timecard below the second week of time entries. You need to choose an Approve Up to Date, which should be the last day of the pay period, and then click on the green Approve Date button. Sorry for the delay in this being visible.