Zoom Live Transcription (is awesome)

Within the advanced settings on a meeting host person’s zoom account, options for turning on the Live Transcription feature are under Settings/In Meeting (Advanced)/Closed captioning. AND IT IS AWESOME.

My advice:

  • CHANGE THESE before the Zoom you are hosting begins.
  • Practice this in advance of your next Zoom program. (Invite another staff person to your fake-zoom so you can practice together!)
  • And practice using it as an attendee at Zoom meetings to get familiar with how it works and how to answer customer questions about turning it on and using it!


Go to zoom.us, log into your Zoom account, and click on Settings/In Meeting (Advanced)

Under the “Closed captioning” section, check all the boxes.Save your changes.

Meetings where the host has turned on “Live Transcript” offer that option to everyone who is attending to turn on for themselves. They can see it on the choices – these choices show up differently when people are attending from computers, tablets, and phones so describing to them where to find this button can be tricky!

When as the HOST you start your meeting, click on theCC/Live Transcript button at the bottom to turn on Live Transcript. This will make the Live Transcript appear on YOUR screen. If your screen is showing on the auditorium or Learning Center, etc. this will also let the audience in the room see the Live Transcript. (Hooray for accessibility!)  If you are recording the Zoom for the library, this will include the Live Transcript on the recording and make it more accessible to viewers.

This screenshot shows an example of Live Transcription in action.This will be so nice for people in hybrid programs to be able to see captions for the programs right there in the room on the big screen/presentation.

BUT customers viewing the Zoom from their own devices will still need to turn on the Live Transcript for themselves at home. They should click on Live Transcript and then on Show Subtitle on their own Zoom.

The customer will get a pop up that asks if they want to “Request that the host enable Live Transcription for this meeting?” and then click “Request” to turn that feature on for themselves. Obviously if they have never done that, they might need instructions/encouragement/support to accomplish it!

As long as the host has enabled Live Transcription, you can allow customers to choose to turn it on for themselves. Many customers might not know about this accessibility option and so adding this to the list of things you mention during your welcome is useful for everyone. If you HAVEN”T turned the Live Transcription on when you started hosting, and someone asks, you will get a pop up about it. This is what their requests look like to the person running the meeting/program. A participant is only turning it on for their own screen.

3 thoughts on “Zoom Live Transcription (is awesome)

  1. Kimberly Sain on said:

    Thank you for all of this, Lissa! Now, if I get a pop-up note about this I’ll know what it’s referring to and what to do next. Very helpful!