Please Don’t Be a Room Hog

When you create a program in Communico you are blocking the room as soon as you save the draft pogram. This is great, unless you don’t actually have the program and forget about your draft program. If a program is not going to happen, please go back into Communico and delete your draft program. That opens the room up for someone else to use.

The programming process requires planning ahead, so we get our programs booked to save the space. Sometimes circumstances change and programs in draft status might get forgotten since they don’t show up on the website. Leaving them unfinished is not a good practice for three reasons:

  1. Draft programs are (mostly) only visible to the staff person who created it.
  2. Draft programs actually hold the room and make it unavailable for other bookings.
  3. Draft programs display on the intranet and the library’s digital signs the day of the event

How to Process “Draft” Programs

You basically have two choices:

  1. If your program is happening, finish it up and send it on for approval!
  2. For programs that have been canceled/voided/scratched, DELETE it!

Please make a habit of periodically checking for any upcoming draft programs and take action.

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