Meeting Rooms Full Capacity November 15, 2021

On Monday, November 15, all our meeting rooms will return to full capacity. We are excited to be able to once again offer this service without any limitations. We feel comfortable making this decision based on the availability of booster shots for library staff and the improved COVID scores. We also feel the timing is advantageous with the reopening of the café on November 22.

This will be something of a soft opening. We will make the change on Communico on Monday and move additional chairs into meeting rooms. Customers will be able to have meetings with larger capacities, however, we’ll wait until November 29 to actively promote the change. This will give us time to iron out all the wrinkles before we get a large influx of meetings.

Another benefit is that this will allow us to start to reintroduce more public programming. The Program Team will be working on what this will look like, but we will most likely start to see additional public programming in January 2022. We will of course continue to monitor the situation, but we hope this is a turning point for us as we reengage with community members who haven’t used the library as much during the pandemic.

2 thoughts on “Meeting Rooms Full Capacity November 15, 2021

  1. Natalie Allen on said:

    i would like to see what numbers you are looking at that says COVID is improving? Shawnee county is still in the substantial range and from what i’m seeing, there’s still 1,000 people dying a day from COVID.

  2. Thad Hartman on said:

    While the number of new cases in Shawnee County has had a few ups and downs over the last month, overall the number of new cases has steadily decreased. The last week of August the number of new cases was 878. The last week of September the number of new cases was 427 . The last week of October it was 240. I wish it was lower, but it has gone down significantly over the past two months.