Music for Blue exhibit!

Hello Hivemind,

The next exhibit in the gallery is “Blue” focusing on you guessed it the color blue.Β  We wanted everyone to have a chance to contribute to this exhibits music playlist. If you could comment or email me any suggestions for songs that have blue in the title/lyrics, makes you think of the color blue or basically has any association with blue that would be wonderful.

Thanks for your help!


63 thoughts on “Music for Blue exhibit!

    • Kathy Hagan on said:

      Well, shucks. When I went looking for Patsy Cline’s version of Blue, I learned that it was a myth that she had recorded it. LeeAnn Rimes did a great version of it though.

  1. Arion Beals on said:

    Blue (Da Ba Dee) -Gabry Ponte because when my son decided to dye his hair blue he played me this.

  2. Linda Baldwin on said:

    Blue Skies-Written by Irving Berlin & made popular by many great singers: Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Krall, the list goes on and on. πŸ™‚

  3. Adrienne Sanders on said:

    Tangled up in blue / Bob Dylan
    Blue Monday / New Order
    Mr. Blue Sky / ELO
    Blue / Joni Mitchell
    something by Blues Traveler?

  4. Autumn Friedli on said:

    Friday I’m in Love – The Cure (I don’t care if Monday’s blue…)
    Blue Moon – The Marcels

  5. Susan Schafer on said:

    Mule Skinners Blues – many covers of this song. Jimmy Rodgers was the first in 1930. Dolly Parton in the 70s. Van Morrison…

  6. Meredith Snepp on said:

    Blue Collar Jane- The Strypes
    Dark Blue-Jack’s Mannequin (I know Chris already suggested, but it’s good!)
    When the Stars Go Blue-The Corrs
    If this is going up around Christmas, *obviously* Blue Christmas is a given!
    Blue-LeAnn Rimes

  7. Theresa Girdler on said:

    Blue on Blue by Bobby Vinton. My oldest sister loved Bobby Vinton so I heard this song a lot.

  8. Hayley Swisher on said:

    Blue Orchid – White Stripes
    Goodbye Blue Sky – Pink Floyd
    Counting Blue Cars – Dishwalla
    Hook – Blues Traveler
    Blue Sky – A-ha
    Blue (Da ba Dee) – Eiffel 65
    Blue Flower – Mazzy Star

  9. Graham Marchant on said:

    Blue Man Group – Baba O’Riley
    The Who – Behind Blue Eyes
    Blues Brothers – Soul Man
    Blue Cheer – Summertime Blues
    Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues

    • Elizabeth Roe on said:

      BB King – Blues Boys Tune
      Robert Johnson
      Dave Brubeck Quartet or Nat King Cole – St Louis Blues
      Muddy Waters Baby Please Don’t Go
      Joe Bonamassa I’ll play the Blues for You
      John Coltrane – Blue Train
      Wynton Marsalis – Happy Feet Blues
      Thelonious Monk- Blue Monk
      Taj Mahal – Catfish Blues
      T-Bone Walker – Bye Clapton – Joe Turner’s BluesBye Baby Goin’ to Chicago

  10. Debbie Stanton on said:

    -Anything from Miles Davis’s album “Kind of Blue” (esp. the song All Blues)

    -anything from Weezer’s blue album (side note: I had a friend who brought that album into a hardware store so the paint dept could match the color for her room)

    -Ken Nordine spoken word poem “Blue” –

  11. Jacqueline Belden on said:

    “The Other Side of Paradise” by Glass Animals (the chorus is “bye bye, baby blue”)
    “Wild Blue” by John Mayer
    All of Hozier’s “Wasteland, Baby” (especially the title track) feels blue to me, and so does Valerie June’s “Moon and Stars”!

  12. Theresa Girdler on said:

    Remembered a few more…
    Behind Blue Eyes-The Who
    Judy Blue Eyes-Crosby, Stills and Nash
    Honky Tonk Blues-Hank Williams
    Honky Tonk Woman- The Rolling Stones
    Red Roses for a Blue Lady- various artists including Bobby Vinton, Hank Williams and Paul Anka.
    Now that I’ve dated myself, I’ll stop!

  13. Patrick Berry on said:

    Here are a few more:
    I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues-Elton John
    Bullet the Blue Sky-U2
    Blue Collar Man-STYX
    Blue Sky-Allman Brothers
    Out of the Blue-Debbie Gibson
    True Blue-Madonna
    Blue Jean-David Bowie
    Blue Morning, Blue Day-Foreigner

  14. perry-hartmann on said:

    Blue in Green – Miles Davis – off of Kind of Blue Album – in jazz world very famous tune/album

  15. Kody Stadler on said:

    Beach House – Bluebird
    Charlie Parker – Bluebird
    Filter – Miss Blue
    Gorillaz – Busted and Blue
    Julee Cruise – Questions in a World of Blue
    Nina Simone – Backlash Blues

    In addition to many of the already great listed tracks. πŸ™‚

  16. Graham Marchant on said:

    Blue Monday – Orgy
    Blue Jeans – ZZ Top
    Smuggler’s Blues – Glen Frey
    The One to Sing the Blues – Motorhead

  17. Debbie Updegraff on said:

    November Blue….The Avett Brothers
    Clear Blue Eyes…Amos Lee
    Blue….Lucinda Williams
    Harlem River Blues…Justin Townes Earle
    Blue Umbrella…John Prine
    Deep River Blues….Doc Watson or Tommy Emanuel or Tommy Emanuel/Jason Isbell
    The Blue….Jason Isbell (or Dress Blues another Jason Isbell…also Drive By Truckers song)

  18. Debbie Updegraff on said:

    Now I can’t stop!
    Arkansas Blues…Hayes Carll (sigh..the feels)
    Black, Blue…The Avett Brothers, also Denouncing November Blue
    Charley Crockett…Good Time Charley’s Got the Blues (a cover but good)
    Down Home Country Blues…Ray Wylie Hubbard, also Mother Hubbard’s Blues (and Mother’s Blues, but prob not appropriate)
    Home of the Blues…Dwight Yoakam
    Mood Ring…Paul Thorn, also Ray Ann’s Shoes

  19. Natalie Moreland on said:

    I’m partial to Florence + the Machine’s “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”

    And it’s probably already been mentioned, but Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” is pretty great too.