What Do You Think About Fun and Games!

For a few months we have been continuing our “Play It Again!” Monthly board game event virtually.

We have been using real games set up in a Team Room and Zoom to allow players to see and banter with each other. We’ve played a variety of games chosen so that the host can do any card drawing, dice rolling and game piece moving.

We’ve also played using Board Game Arena, an online board game site. With the Zoom meeting open we can still get the “Game Night” feel and expand the selection of games. These formats have been working very well.

Registration is required so players can get the meeting link but a library card is not required. We have had players from other states and even one from Mexico.

However, participation hasn’t been as good as we would like. Many people seem to have difficulty “attending” the events on a Saturday afternoon, even though I always mention the option of “dropping in” for part of the 2:00-5:00 pm sessions.

Now we’d like your help. If you could spend a couple of minutes and comment on this post with the days of the week and times you think people would most likely “attend” a virtual board game event that would be great! Also, do you think once a month is a good frequency?

We’re also looking at ways to promote these events. If you have any ideas about how to reach people who might miss getting together with friends and family to play games but aren’t ready to play face to face please include those.

If you know of any groups or individuals that you think might appreciate an invitation or information about these events please share those too! Thanks for your time.



5 thoughts on “What Do You Think About Fun and Games!

  1. Areli Bermudez-Villarreal on said:

    Hi Jayme,

    Perhaps offering it a weekday evening as well since some folks work weekends? So 2 times a month with one weekday and one weekend.

    • Jayme Lyons on said:

      Thanks for commenting! I hope this will get the ball rolling. I’ve heard from others (in person) that a weeknight might work better. If anybody has a specific evening they think is best I’d love to hear that too. I don’t do much TV so not sure what shows might interfere.

  2. dawn-buttery on said:

    I want to “attend” game days but I just don’t ever remember to log in for online events. It is easy for me to remember to go somewhere for something I want to do but when I have to log in on a computer at home there is just too much to do that competes with my time.

    • Jayme Lyons on said:

      Thanks for letting me know. When I do these events people have to register ahead so I can email them the links and stuff. I always say in my Invites and Shares of the Facebook event that they should register even if they aren’t 100% sure they can play. I usually send them the email 4 or 5 days ahead or when they register if it’s nearer to the event date. Do you think a reminder would help? I think Facebook sends them but you have to have notices sent to get an email. Would a text the day of be helpful?