Gallery Opening and Closing Instructions for “A moment in Time” and “Alter Ego”

A Moment in Time: Our Local Responses to a Global Crisis
Oct 9 – Nov 29, 2020

The world shut down in March 2020 and may never be quite the same. We gathered symbols and stories of 2020 to show how COVID-19 impacted and continues to impact Topeka and Shawnee County. This is just the start of our community’s pandemic story. See local history in the making.

Isolated connections; our need for and creativity with masks; comparisons to the Spanish Flu of 1918; business, school and restaurant closures; and a renewed urgency/awareness of social justice are reflected in A Moment in Time: Our Local Responses to a Global Crisis. 

Alter Egos
Oct 9 – Nov 29, 2020

An artist, a photographer, and a musician walk into the library… No, this is not the start of a joke. These are staff members who work at the library and are artists in their spare time.

Our library staff are some of the most talented people we know. You’ll see paintings, sculptures, book art, prints, embroidery, fiber works and everything in between in the Alter Egos exhibit.


  • Opening and Closing the Gallery: The badge reading outside the workroom (further down the Edge hallway) will allow you access to the Gallery from the workroom. All lights will turn one automatically when the library opens (no more flipping breakers!). Once you are in the workroom, work your way to the front doors when it’s time to open the gallery. To leave the Gallery at night, make sure all doors are locked behind you are you leave. The lights will turn off then the rest of the library lights do.
  • Turning on Digital Projector and Smart TV: Travis had made 2 great short videos that walk you through the process of turning on and off the projector and the smart TV. Please watch there videos before you have to open or close the gallery.
    Opening Video:

Closing Video:

  • Number of visitors: There can be 22 visitors in the Gallery at one time. Of those 22 visitors, there can be a max of 4 people in the Reed Studio. Staff should keep track the number of visitors in the space, if the limit is reached, we’ll let the next customers know they’ll have to wait to enter the Gallery. We can encourage them to browse the shelves and try back in a few minutes.
  • Cleaning: All activity surfaces should be wiped clean and disinfected after each use. All art cases and high-touch surfaces should be wiped down at least once per hour.
  • Hand sanitizer: Hand sanitizer stations can be found near the desk and at the entrance of the Reed Studio. Customers should be encouraged to use hand sanitizer when entering the space, especially if they plan to participate in any of the activities.
  • Reed Studio: Activities within the Reed Studio will be separately bagged into “kits” that can either be completed inside the Reed Studio (if there is room) or taken home with the participants. All supplies used in the Studio should be put into a “dirty” bin if they cannot be sanitized immediately.


Talking Points  

Q – Can I touch the art?
“You won’t be able to touch the art, but you can touch the activities. We’ll make sure to clean them after you’re done.”

2 thoughts on “Gallery Opening and Closing Instructions for “A moment in Time” and “Alter Ego”

  1. Both exhibits are great. Hope you have another Alter Ego type exhibit to showcase how many wonderful artists and their artwork we have employed right here at TSCPL. I think the public will connect with both…something they all have been part of this past year and seeing that the people who help them everyday aren’t just someone who works here but are talented outside the library. Great job gallery group.